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Al  M. Adams Police Notebook,  Erie, PA

A single volume typescript notebook was kept during a sixty hour in-service training course offered by the Erie Police Academy, in April, 1965. Lectures dealt with Pennsylvania law codes for vehicles and bicycles, public relations, police investigations and how to react in emergency situations including riots.  1 vol. MC79. GUIDE FILE included.

Albion News, Albion, PA

This microfilm collection contains the following holdings for this weekly paper, span dates: 1920-1974 and 1976-1978. A list is available which indicates the years which appear on the numbered reels. Microfilming was a Bicentennial project, in co-ordination with the Erie Bicentennial Commission.  span dates: 1920-1978. Donated by Mercyhurst College Archives. 38 reels microfilm. MC110. GUIDE FILE available.

Albion, PA Borough Records

Collection includes the ledgers of the Borough Council of Albion, formerly the Village of Albion. Ledgers include incorporation documents, borough council officers, meeting minutes, formation of borough ordinances, tax collections, building projects and bond applications for improvements. Also included in the collection are annual budgets for 1939-1940 and financial reports 1938-39, 1942-45. Reel 1: 1860-1924, reel 2: 1924-1946, reel 3: 1945-1953. Donated by Mercyhurst College Archives.   3 reels microfilm. MC96. GUIDE FILE available.

Albion, PA Fair Collection

The reel of microfilm contains clippings relating to the Albion Fair, and a pictorial record of fairs spanning 1948-1974, originally organized as two scrapbooks. There  are listings of the exhibit classes, a description of each for judging, and a list of chairmen/chairwomen. Also included are photos of the prize ribbons and recipients over many years.  Photographs and news clippings showing  exhibits, animals, visitors and the Fair Queen with her Court complete the collection. Donated by Mercyhurst College Archives. Microfilm. 1 reel. MC99. GUIDE FILE available.

Albion, PA Genealogical Records

Housed on two reels of microfilm, these Albion, PA genealogy records consist of ten volumes compiled by Hazel Anderson Griffis, Glen T. Griffis and Bessie Anderson McQuillen. Material includes handwritten research, correspondence and newspaper clippings concerning births, marriages and deaths relating to the Harned, Packard and Hall families. These families were located in Albion, Conneaut, Venango, LeBoeuf, Washington, Springfield and Elk Creek Townships, Erie County, PA.  span dates: ____-1967. Donated by Mercyhurst College Archives. 2 reels microfilm. MC59.

 Albion, PA Grace Methodist Church Collection

This collection consists of four reels of negative microfilm and 1 file folder on the history of Grace Methodist Church. Reel one includes official board records, 1928-1948; quarterly conference records, 1854-1902, 1907-1915. Reel two consists of Board of Trustees’ minutes, 1899-1942 and church records, 1866-1921. Financial reports, 1895-1912, and 1950-1966+ n. d. and membership records, books 1-4 are included. Reel 3 consists of membership records of book 5, church attendance records, 1934-1935, Sunday school records, 1966-1971. The Women’s Home Mission Society records, 1902-1926, 1934-1940 and W. H. M. Society financial reports, 1912-1914 also appear on the reel.  The Ladies Aid Society records, 1919-1940 and L. A. Society financial reports, 1913-1934 and financial records,  1932-1935, and financial receipts are included on reel four. Boys of King Herald records, 1937-1939, the Roll of Honor for W. W. II, 8 photographs and a church scrapbook showing the history of the church, illustrated with photos, complete the reel.  The file folder holds two pamphlets by Mrs. E. V. McGranahan, church historian: “A History of the Grace Methodist Church, Albion, PA,” compiled in 1958, 125th anniversary of Methodism in Albion, PA, and “the Stained Glass Memorial Windows of the Albion Grace Church.” span dates: 1854- 1971.  Donated by Mercyhurst College Archives.  4 reels microfilm +1 ff.  MC9. GUIDE FILE available.

Albion Tornado Collection

 This collection documents the Albion, PA tornado which struck May 31, 1985.  The collection contains local newspapers, Times-News and Erie Daily Times, from June 1-8, 1985 which describe the experiences of many victims and the aftermath of the Albion tornado.  Twelve people from Albion died in this tragic event.  There were also deaths in Crawford, Venango and Beaver counties.  An Erie Daily Times newspaper section from May 31, 1987 reflects back on the event and the community’s resilience.  span dates:  June 1-8, 1985;  May 31, 1987. 1 flat storage box.  ECHS 208.

 Edward J. Allen, Sr. Collection

Mr. Allen (c. 1877-Aug.24, 1939) was an Erie policeman, 1913-1931, and a city councilman, 1931-1935.  Mr. Allen was also nationally recognized as one of the founding members of the National Fraternal Order of Police (NFOP), organized in Pittsburgh in 1925.  He served as NFOP president for three years and was made honorary past grand president when he retired from Erie’s police force in 1931.  As both councilman and NFOP president, he helped pass legislation in favor of police workers.  This collection includes two scrapbooks which document his police career, 1929-1939, and three issues of the Fraternal Order of Police Journal, which include articles by and about Edward J. Allen.  span dates:  1929-1939.  Donated by Judith R. Faustine.  1h.  ECHS 96. 

Almhagen/Deaner Collection

The five Almhagen sisters were well-known in Erie as musicians and music teachers:  Ester (Rosendahl), violin; Juno (Geiger), piano; Ceres (Froelich), trumpet; Autumn (Liebel), flute; and Melba (Deaner), violin.  Melba’s husband, Stuard Deaner, was also a bass player in Erie.  The Almhagen Ensemble or Orchestra featured all five sisters, and the Almhagen Trio featured Autumn, Juno and Melba.  The collection indicates that the Almhagen/Deaner families were active in Erie’s music community, c. 1910-1977, but were at their peak during the 1940s-1960s.  The collection includes correspondence, photographs, programs, broadsides, newspaper clippings and scrapbooks documenting the performance, social activities and personal lives of Melba and Stuard Deaner, Ester Rosendahl, Juno Geiger, Ceres Froelich and Autumn Liebel.  span dates:  c. 1910-1988.  Donated by Edna Mae Lesik.  1 o/s scrapbook, 1h, 3H.  ECHS 139. GUIDEFILE available.

American Association of University Women, Erie Branch Collection

This comprehensive collection documents the activities of this group of college-educated women on educational, civic and social problems of the community, along with activities on a state, regional and national level. The collection contains by-laws and the constitution, Erie Board minutes (1932-1965) and Erie Branch minutes (1902-1986), membership records (1902-1984), policies, publications, correspondence, invitations, Educational Foundation activity, convention information, legislative committee guidelines and reports, legislative amendments and bills, including the Equal Rights Amendment, Holly Trail and Heritage Trail programs, surveys, questionnaires and study groups, committees, Green Circle Program, other programs, events, presentations, publicity, the Erie AAUW newsletter publication Erie Pressible span dates: 1945-1987, and the Keystoner, the Pennsylvania Division of AAUW publication, 1959-1980, 1982-1987; yearbooks, 1946-47, 1954-1990; membership publications, Women’s History Week activities, photos, 1960-1981, 1984; scrapbooks, span dates: 1941-1988; financial records, information on the publication Erie History: The Women’s Story; correspondence, publications, relating statewide AAUW issues. Collection span dates: 1902-1988. Donated by Mercyhurst College Archives and AAUW, Erie Branch.  41h, scrapbooks, print boxes.MC276 and ECHS 198. GUIDE FILES available.

Ashby Printing Co. Collection 

Also known as Ashby Incorporated, the company was founded in 1867 by John E. Ashby, a bookbinder from England.  Ashby Inc. was family owned and operated at its original location, 423 State St., until it closed in 1983.  The collection includes printing samples produced by Ashby Printing Co. for local clients including: Hays Manufacturing, Sterling Seal Co., Hamot, Erie Meter Systems, Erie Foundry Co., Keystone Fish Co., Organ Supply Co., Nubone Company Inc., Henry Shenk Company, Continental Rubber Works and Erie Stove and Manufacturing Company, et. al.  span dates:  1938-1960 and n.d.  Donated by Tom Rogowski, registrar, and John Vanco of Erie Art Museum.  1h, 1flat h.  ECHS 63.  GUIDE FILE available.

Barnhart Family Collection

The collection consists of letters of Mrs. M. R. Barnhart of Wesleyville, PA, and a diary kept by Mrs. Barnhart in 1868.  The collection includes genealogy related materials in the Barnhart, Conrad Stuntz, and Leete families.  There is an account of a visit to see the Stuntz, and Leete families and a visit to see the Stuntz  grave in Keepville near Albion.  Great-grandmother’s stories written for children, an autobiography of Clinton L. Barnhart, clippings, correspondence and letters to Arthur Poole and family photographs conclude the holdings. Donated by Martha Kate (Miller) Barnhart. 2h.  ECHS 273.

Barnhart Family Collection Addition

Additional photos of Barnhart family members, descendants of Conrad Stuntz include Clinton L. Barnhart, Martha Rose Stuntz Barnhart, Gertrude Barnhart and others, 1945 and undated. Donated by Martha Kate Barnhart. ECHS 273.

Justina J. Baron Collection

Justina Baron Collection (1900-2000).  Justina Baron (1900-2000)’s parents, Edward and Catherine Seelinger (Kate) Baron operated the Baron family farm in McKean, PA from 1887 until Justina’s brother, William E. Baron, took over the farm during the Depression.  The collection includes two diaries kept by Kate Baron (Nov. 1897-Feb. 1903), financial records and day books kept by Kate Baron and  William E. Baron, a receipt of payment from Ed Baron, an autograph album kept by Kate Baron (1881-1890) and a book of album verses (1881).  There is also a letter from William H. Kneib to Democratic County Committee members (April 1906).  Two binders of slides of wildflower s taken by Justine Baron, binders of information about those slides and two books on wildflowers (c.1965) complete the collection.  span dates:  1881-1966. Donated by Justina  J. Baron. 

Hermine C. Bauschard Collection

The Hermine Catherine Bauschard (1908-2004) collection provides personal materials, photographs and genealogical information of the Bauschard, Faulhaber, and Curtze families as well as documentation on local schools and businesses, Perry’s Victory Centennial Celebration in 1913, Church of the Covenant, Wintergreen Gorge, Erie parades,  the 1915 Millcreek flood and McKinley’s campaign stop at Union Depot. This collection also includes two maps of the Erie area (1795, 1851), an AAUW (American Association of University Women) yearbook (1952-53) and material collected on Arthur Woelfle, an artist commissioned by the Curtze family, and information on Hazel Chung, a dancer who knew Hermine Bauschard. span dates: 1795, 1863-1998. Donated by Hermine C. Bauschard. 4h, 1 flat h, 1 v/f. ECHS 8. GUIDE FILE available.

Philip and Henrietta Faulhaber Bauschard Collection

The Erie families of Philip C. Bauschard (1878-1943) and Henrietta Faulhaber (1880-1970) and Mr. and Mrs. Herman J. Curtze are depicted in a number of family photographs at their homes, at work and while vacationing in Atlantic City c. 1900-c. 1930. Also included are photos of Philip and Henrietta Bauschard’s children, Hermine Catherine (1908-2004) and Harold Carl (1905-1971) c. 1912-1913, a class at school house No. 11 in 1888, aerial views of Erie Academy school and stadium, and a powder wagon at the 1913 Perry Centennial. An Erie High School commencement invitation, program and a class play from 1899, a German song book for the Erie Club (Herman Curtze, member) 1905, a 1918 issue of Life weekly humor magazine, Eisenhower campaign material and several newspaper clippings including the obituary of Philip’s father, Frederick Bauschard, 1900, complete the collection. span dates: 1854-1987. Donated by Mercyhurst College Archives. 1h, 2 o-s folders. MC184. GUIDE FILE available.

Belle Valley Grange Collection

Three reels of microfilm document the history of the organization. Reel one includes the charter and original members, by-laws, annual reports, dues books, roll books and quarterly reports of Grange #1294. Reel two includes minute books of the Belle Valley Alliance-Industrial Union, span dates: 1892-1913 and minute books of Belle Valley Grange, span dates: 1905-1941. The third reel includes minute books from 1936-1974 and quarterly reports sent to the State Grange. span dates: 1892-1974. Donated by Mercyhurst College Archives. 3 reels microfilm. MC175. GUIDE FILE available.

 Mary Benedict Collection

The collection includes minutes, reports, manuals and other administrative papers relating to Mary Benedict (1908-2001) and her career in social service. She contributed to the following agencies: Pennsylvania Public Assistance, Civilian Defense, Family & Children’s Services, Community Chest, Bureau of Aging, GECAC (Greater Erie Community Action Committee), Ministry to the Aging and the Salvation Army. AAUW (American Association of University Women) papers form a large component of the collection. span dates: 1932-1974. Donated by Mary Benedict. 1h, 1H. ECHS 79. GUIDE FILE available.

Mary Benedict Collection Addition

This addition consists of the papers of Ralph C. Benedict, husband of Mary Benedict. Ralph C. Benedict was the Chief Clerk to the Erie County Commissioners. He was responsible for all election procedures, and was the Erie County authority on election laws. The collection includes a 16 page volume listing of children residing in Springfield Township, Erie County, PA in 1902 and a letter dated April 4, 1907 regarding the placement of a monument to be erected on the old state line in Springfield Township. The balance of the collection deals with material from c. 1944. There are photographs of B. Sisson, a program for the Governor’s luncheon at the Masonic Temple May 10, 1944, instructions for counting military ballots during WW II, and a directory for the 4th ward, 9th district listing the selected voting party, 1944. span dates: 1902-1945. Donated by Mary Benedict. 1h, 1H. ECHS 79. GUIDE FILE available.

Bethany Swedish Lutheran Church Records

 The Bethany Swedish Lutheran Church was founded in Erie, PA by Dr. Gustaf A. Nelsenius in 1885. Initial services were held at St. Paul’s German Lutheran Church at 11th and Peach Streets. C. S. Renius was the first regular pastor.  In 1892 services were held at East 10th and German Streets. The address was listed as 258 East 10th St. in the 1950s and 254 E. 10th St. in 1964. Bethany Lutheran merged with Luther Memorial Church, 225 W. 10th St., in 2006. The Bethany site became an outreach center of Luther Memorial. The building was purchased by Safenet in 2011. The Outreach Center continues to rent a portion of the space.  The Bethany Swedish Lutheran Church Records collection consists of publications on the history of the church and synod including A Century of Growth: Lutheran Augustina Synod 1848-1948 and The Golden Jubilee 1885-1935. There are three published volumes of The Woman’s Missionary Society of Augustana Synod covering 1892-1919, 1892-1927 and 1923-1924. In addition there is a publication on the New York Conference of the Augustana Synod, April 26-May 1, 1900. Financial records include two treasurers’ books—the Bethany Lutheran treasurer’s book, span dates: 1892-1941 and the treasurer’s book for the Martha Society, span dates: 1906-1912. Two books containing minutes and financial records of the Bethany Brotherhood, in Swedish, cover 1937-1943 and 1949-1955. The Luther League Roll Book, spanning 1937-1954, concludes the bound volumes of original documents. The final portion of the collection consists of identified and unidentified images. One image shows a wedding (possibly of Yvonne Raymar), an exterior of the church and 7 group photos. Two are identified as “Sunday School Members, Sept. 1, 1913” and two are identified as “Sunday School [members] 1914”. Individuals are not identified. span dates 1885-1955. Donated by  Marilyn Rositer.  2h.  ECHS 416. GUIDE FILE available.

Bible Collection

Although ECHS no longer collects bibles, these holdings remain available for researchers. The collection includes the Keeler family bible, imprint date: 1837 (Keeler, Russell and Flint families, information spans 1761-1908); Gerlach genealogy, in German, listing the names and birthdates of Andrew Garloch’s 11 children, on the front fly leaf of a collection of sermons by 18th century theologian Immanuel Gottlob Brastberger, imprint date: 1830; Hope family bible, c. 1914 (Hayes, Hope families, information spans 1798-1929). Genealogy is on 1 loose page in front. Other family bibles include the Thomas family bible (Thomas, Olds, Judson and Cross families, information spans 1839-1986); and the Hull family bible, c. 1733 (Hull, Hill and Lewis families, information spans 1706-1823). 5 vol. in 1 H. ECHS 28.

Black History Collection

The history of black Americans is documented in the form of publications, programs, a thesis and news articles. This collection focuses mainly on Erie blacks, although there is biographical information on other historically important people like Martin Luther King. A history of the NAACP (1918-1979), a thesis by Joseph K. Curlett which explores a structural approach to the election of black candidates to political office in the city of Erie (1986) and a history of the Pontiacs, an all black Erie baseball team (c. 1930-1958) are included in the collection. Researchers will find information on the following topics: Booker T. Washington Center, Central City NATO Newsletter, Clients Council of Erie, Inc. , Community Country Day School, Educational Opportunity Programs Express, Erie black politics, Erie Opportunities Industrialization Center, Freedom Fund Dinner, Jesse Jackson campaign 1988, John F. Kennedy (JFK) Health Clinic, Martin Luther King House, NAACP-Erie branch, NATO Centers, Pennsylvania Historical & Museum Commission 9th Annual Conference on Black History 1986, Pontiacs black baseball team, Project Head Start, St. James AME Church, Selma Alabama March, Bobby Harrison, Cynthia Ann Horton, Johnny Johnson, Charles Kennedy, Jr., Gertie McGee, Larry D. Meredith, Larry W. Moore, Alex Thompson, Sr. and Mary Mac Vean. span dates: 1935-1994. Donated by Mercyhurst College Archives.  1h, 3 o-s ff. MC275. GUIDE FILE available.

Booker T. Washington Center Records, Erie, PA

The Booker T. Washington Center, Inc. (1923-    ) provides education, recreation, residence and daycare to improve the social welfare of Erie’s black community. This microfilm collection includes: a history of the Center (1965); administrative papers; financial records and budgets; insurance policies; proposals and fund-raising appeals for the multi-purpose center (1967-1970); membership lists; Board of Directors records; Negro History Week activities; Negro Business and Professional Men’s Association papers; records of individual programs; and letters and correspondence regarding the operation of the Booker T. Washington Center; the Greater Erie Community Action Committee (GECAC) Head Start programs and the multi-purpose center. span dates: 1923-1972. Donated by Mercyhurst College Archives. 3 reels microfilm. MC66.  GUIDE FILE available.

Emma Brennan and Clarence Colvin Papers, Erie, PA.

The collection consists of teaching certificates of Emma Brennan, military papers of Clarence Colvin and stock share certificates from a number of oil companies in West Virginia including Midway Oil and Gas Company and the Pratt-Hickman Oil Company. Genealogy information on the Colvins and Genevieve Colvin Whalen, the donor, is provided. span dates: 1911-1920, c. 1992. Donated by Mercyhurst College Archives.  1h. MC83. GUIDE FILE available.

Briggs Civil War Letters, Erie, PA

This collection consists of one reel of microfilm containing four letters which John F. Briggs of the PA 145th Regiment wrote to his father Edwin Briggs of Waterford, PA from Union Army camps, span dates: 1862-1863. There are also three family photographs. John F. Briggs’ wife Harriet Holcomb Hill was the sister of General Ambose P. Hill, a Confederate General. Harriet H. Hill was originally from Culpepper, VA. span dates: 1862-1863. Donated by Mercyhurst College Archives. 1 reel microfilm. MC66. GUIDE FILE available.

Briggs Civil War Letters, Erie, PA Addition

The addition consists of 25 xeroxed letters. A majority are from Theron T. Briggs to his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Briggs in Waterford, PA and to his brother, John F. Briggs, PA 145th Regiment, There are also letters from John F. Briggs to their parents and a few letters of correspondence between Theron T. and John F. Briggs. Letters were written from Sharpsburgh, MD, Camp Boliver near Harper’s Ferry, VA, Camp near Falsmouth, VA, the USA Hospital in Philadelphia (July 1, 1863) and the Convalescent Camp near Alexandra, VA (Aug. 16, 1863-Jan. 5, 1864), Camp near Brandy Station, VA and Chambersburg, PA.  span dates: Sept. 1862-April 1864 and n. d. 25 items. Donated by Mercyhurst College Archives. 1h. MC75. GUIDE FILE available.

Frieda Brown Collection

Collection consists of bound newsletters documenting the activities of the Brith Sholom Congregation under the following titles:  Jewish Center Review, Jewish Center Newsletter, and Brith Sholom Newsletter.  span dates:  1945-1997. Donated by Frieda Brown.  2 H.  ECHS 295. GUIDE FILE available. 

Burke Electric Company Collection

This collection contains materials on Burke Electric Company, manufacturer of electrical machinery, located at the corner of 12th and Cranberry Streets in Erie, primarily when it was locally owned and operated.  Mr. James Burke was president of the company which operated from 1916-1936 when it was sold to Marathon Company.  This collection includes lists of companies whose machines were tested and the test records of motors and generators (1905-1937), sales information on the Burke Direct Current Generators, purchase orders (1939) and extensive financial information , auditors’  reports and related information. span dates:  1905-1939. Donated by Sr, Mary Lawrence Franklin, Mercyhurst College Archives. MC189. GUIDE FILE available. 

Harry Thacker Burleigh Collection

Mr. Harry [Henry] T. Burleigh (1866-1949) was born in Erie, PA. He became a well known singer and composer of Negro spirituals. Mr. Burleigh learned to write arrangements for the plantation songs his grandfather Hamilton Waters taught him when philanthropist and political activist Isador Sobel funded his trip to New York City’s National Conservatory of Music. This collection includes Hamilton Waters’ certificate of freedom; Burleigh and Waters family genealogies; sheet music, programs and personal papers of Harry Burleigh; letters to and correspondence between Norman Sobel (son of Isador) and author Anne Simpson re: research on H.T. Burleigh; and articles on Burleigh and other black musicians by Sobel and Simpson. A bank book, European trip itinerary, high school papers, and subscriber’s list to send Burleigh to National Conservatory of Music complete the collection. Span dates: 1832, 1892-1994. Donated by Norman T. Sobel, Mrs. Ted Buczek and Harry Burleigh, II. 5h. ECHS 3. GUIDE FILE available.

Harriett Crouch Bury Collection

Hariett Crouch Bury (1906-1978) was born on April 10, 1906, one month after the death of her father, Edmund Bury. Ms. Bury, a graduate of the University of Pittsburgh (1940) and Western Reserve School of Applied Sciences, received a MSSA degree in social work (1949). Miss Bury was Director of the Division on Aging, Health and Welfare Council in Philadelphia and Chairman of the Philadelphia Chapter Certification Commission. Her collection consists of family photographs of Edwin, Mary, Frank and Harriett Bury and their friends; a scrapbook, 1906; letters from E. Bury, April-June 1904; clippings describing an explosion at Bury Compressor Co., resulting in the death of Edmund Bury;  and an Erie Gazette issue, May 8, 1823. Postcards of the Erie Water Department, photos of a State St. circus parade,  Presque Isle, Emmett Kelly the Clown with City officials (1949), and a photograph of Harriett Crouch Bury’s headstone and an obituary complete the collection. span dates: 1823, 1871-1978. Donated by James Dunwoody. 1h. ECHS 187. GUIDE FILE available.

Edward Camphausen Collection

Edward Camphausen was born in Cologne, Germany on February 20, 1823. He graduated from Bonn, Germany in 1884, and served one year as an officer in the German Army. He eventually came to America and settled in Millcreek in what is now the sixth ward of Erie. Camphausen began his professional career in 1865 when he was accepted into the Pennsylvania Bar Association. In 1866, he was instrumental in organizing South Erie into a borough. He served as a school director, councilman, Justice of the Peace and borough solicitor. Edward Camphausen was appointed the U. S. Consul of Naples by Grover Cleveland in 1886. His significant contributions to United States foreign policy include activity in immigration, agricultural technology, customs disputes and inspection of ports. He served as Consul from 1886-1891. The collection contains consular dispatches, and a copy of the official appointment certificate signed by Grover Cleveland in 1886. span dates: 1886-1891. Donated by Mercyhurst College Archives. 1 ff;  2 reels microfilm. MC23. GUIDE FILE available.

John S. Chaffee Collection

John S. Chaffee, M.D. (1914-2000) was born in Erie to Dr. Orel N. and Eliza Baldwin Chaffee. He was a surgeon at Hamot Medical Center and in 1991 he wrote and published the book Reflections on Erie County Physicians. This collection includes notes, photographs and xeroxes of photos which represent his memoirs, A Trilogy from the Memoirs of John S. Chaffee, M.D.; Norton-Chaffee-Hatch family genealogy; Central and Strong Vincent yearbooks, class reunion photographs and program. The collection also includes papers found in a G.E. Co. building by Warren C. Langdon: newspapers, letters, photos, a Brighton Institute Journal, 1840-41, a prayer book c.1836; and a Times-News article about Mr. Langdon and his collection. span dates: 1836-1994. Donated by John S. Chaffee. ECHS 156. 4h. GUIDE FILE available.

Richard S. Cheney Collection

Richard S. Cheney (1921-1992) was born in New York City in 1921 but spent the majority of his life in Erie and Wesleyville, Pennsylvania.  He  was employed as  a buyer for the Boston Store and Horne’s Department Store for over forty years. Cheney was one of the founding members of the Erie Society for Genealogical Research in 1972. He had a consuming interest in family history research.  He was a careful and precise researcher who assembled and self-published special resources to help fellow genealogy researchers.  The collection includes 366 volumes of obituaries in short three ring binders. Cheney assembled many notebooks of obituaries, and related data from other sources, focusing on former residents of Erie County, Pennsylvania.The notebooks include typed entries, pasted newspaper obituaries, and hand-written material, alpha by surname. Researchers looking for information on black families in Erie County will find information in volume 366. The Cheney obituary notebooks are located in the Research Room for quick access by genealogists. Donated by J. Gregory Moore, Executor of Richard S Cheney Estate. ECHS 110.  366 notebooks featured in the Reading Room at the History Center.

City of Erie Ordinance Books

This collection consists of 24 bound volumes of Erie City ordinances, span dates: 1882-1925. Earlier books focus on regulations on gas lamps, railway services, traffic safety, construction of buildings and bridges, and the prohibition and punishment of certain offenses. Ordinances on new government offices appear frequently in the earlier volumes. The officials include fish warden, ward inspector, bacteriologist, welfare nurse, milk and market inspector, first detective sergeant, and delinquent assessment clerk. In the later volumes, there are many regulations on combating diphtheria, typhoid, infant mortality, and influenza. There are provisions dealing with W. W. I, including army literature, the draft, war “loafers”, and celebrating the returning soldiers. The city also provided emergency funds for the aftermath of the Millcreek Flood of 1915. span dates: 1882-1925. Donated by Mercyhurst College Archives. 24 vol.  MC222. GUIDE FILE available.

City of Erie Waterworks Collection

The collection consists of City of Erie Bureau of Water annual reports, san dates: 1970-1971, 1974-1981 and newspaper clippings. In addition the collection includes one reel of negative microfilm containing the minutes of the Water Commission, span dates: 1867-1882, with an addenda on the Erie Waterworks, span dates: 1921-1938. Information covered in the minutes of the Water Commission include: By-laws and regulations, employees and descriptions of their duties, annual reports to Council, inventories of city-owned property, auditors’ reports to City Council, gallons pumped, coal use, list of Water Commissioners, receipts and expenditures, scale of annual rates, location and cost of arch culverts and bridges, sewers and cost of tile and brick sewers. span dates: 1867-1882, 1921-1938, 1970-1981. Donated by Mercyhurst College Archives. 1h, 1 reel microfilm. MC225. GUIDE FILE available.

Civil War and Gold Rush Letters

 This collection consists of photocopies of letters focusing on topics of the Gold Rush and the Civil War. One letter dated October 10, 1862 is from Harper’s Ferry; others dated 1863 are from Folly Island, South Carolina. A former prisoner at Andersonville writes from Atlanta, GA in 1864 about the terrible conditions of the prison. There are several letters from G. S. Warren to his wife Martha about his travels to California looking for gold. Certifications for membership from the Presbyterian Church for Mr. and Mrs. G. S. Warren from local pastors complete the collection. span dates: 1850-1871. Donated by Mercyhurst College Archives.  1 ff. MC143. GUIDE FILE available.

Henry Alden Clark Collection

Henry Alden Clark (1850-1944), born in Harborcreek, PA, was a well-known lawyer and politician in Erie. He was admitted to the Pennsylvania Bar Association in 1884. He practiced law with D.B. McCreary. Mr. Clark owned the Erie Gazette (1890-1892) and was appointed Judge of Erie’s Orphan’s Court (1921-1925), trustee of the Erie Academy, director of the Art Club, and president of the University Club. Mr. Clark was elected chairman of the Erie City and County Republican Committees in 1890 and was delegate to state conventions, a member of the Common Council (1888), city solicitor (1896-1899), State Senator (1910-1916), and a member of the House of Representatives (1916-1920). This collection includes Erie County Republican Committee papers (1888-1948), broadsides for Republican Committee rallies, tickets, press releases, campaign advertisements, programs, (1872-1961), and correspondence of Henry A. Clark. A letter to Gideon Ball (1854), newspaper clippings, invitations, programs and an Algeria Farm Stud Book, 1889, complete the collection. span dates: 1854, 1872-1962. Donated by Stephen E. Karsh. 1h. ECHS 140. GUIDE FILE available.

Claus Family Collection

The George Claus family was originally from Schwabsburg, Germany. In July 1852 they sailed from Liverpool, England to the United States. This collection contains the ship record contract and passenger ticket for George Claus. A family genealogy, span dates: 1801-1852, accompanies other memorabilia. The collection also contains a copy of the Atlas of Erie County, Pennsylvania published in 1865. Donated by Mercyhurst College Archives. 1 reel microfilm. MC47.

C. Paxton Cody Collection

C. Paxton Cody’s career as an architect in the Erie area began in 1892 and continued through 1936.  Two volumes of architectural renderings and drawings of residences in Erie, Cambridge Springs, Wildwood, Union City, Pittsburgh, Cleveland (Ohio) by C. Paxton Cody, and others.  Cody, Hicks and Davison v. 1 span dates:  1915, 1921-1927, Cody and Kirby v. 2 span dates:  1921-1926, 1928.   EXTREMELY DELICATE.  A list of properties represented by  the renderings is available to researchers.  Access to the  volumes is not available until the volumes are cared for by a conservator. Donated by Frances Dunfee.  2 large flat Hollinger boxes. ECHS 107. 

C. Paxton Cody Collection Addition

C. Paxton Cody architectural library consisting of 43 leather bound volumes assembled by local architect C. Paxton Cody from a variety of architectural serials and other sources.  Sample topics include:  church architecture, club houses and temples, office buildings, banks and hospitals, English houses, building details, factory buildings, government buildings.  span dates: n.d. listed. Donated by Michele Ridge, Erie County Library. 6H. ECHS 107.  GUIDE FILE available.

Community Christian Church Belle Valley, PA Minutes 

This collection contains two volumes of meeting minutes of the Community Christian Church, Erie, PA. on microfilm.  The Church was organized in 1962 at 5325 Norcross Road in Erie, PA. In 1971 the Church moved to 1911 Norcross Rd. in Belle Valley, PA. The minutes begin with information on the original organization, naming and incorporation of the church.  Copies of the by-laws, constitution and complete history of the Community Christian Church are recorded on the microfilm. The remaining film contains monthly meeting minutes, committee reports and copies of the annual reports. span dates: 1962-1975.  Donated by Mercyhurst College Archives. 1 reel microfilm. MC 194. GUIDE FILE available.

Congregation of Brith Sholom Records

 The collection contains a small handbook of the by-laws of Brith Sholom Congregation of the Jewish Center at 3207 State St., Erie, PA, in English and Yiddish. There are Secretary’s minutes of the Congregation of Brith Sholom, span dates: 1899-1906; and a larger volume of by-laws and minutes for the Erie Hebrew Institute Board of Directors, span dates: 1936-1942. The records concern the various working committees of the Congregation Brith Sholom and its projects and responsibilities. The large volume concerns the management of the Hebrew school, control of the building and other business matters. span dates: 1899-1942. Donated by Mercyhurst College Archives. 1 reel positive microfilm. MC183. GUIDE FILE available.

Rudolph Conrader Collection

Rudolph Conrader (1858-1929) was born in Erie, PA on November 13, 1858 to Marcus and Loretta Bartelles Conrader. Mr. Conrader was a specialist in brass finishing and held patents on many tools he invented to improve the trade. He worked at Jarecki Manufacturing Co. in Erie, 1872-1882 and 1883-1924, and was superintendent of the brass finishing department, 1887-1924. Many of the machines in Jarecki’s brass shops were of Conrader’s invention. In 1925, he founded R. Conrader Co. at 1209 French Street.  Mr. Conrader died in 1929, but the company remained in operation until 1991. This collection contains patents, span dates: 1889-1932, and patent drawings of pump governors, regulators, apparatus for actuating liquids, grinding machines, pumps, valves, meter devices, span dates: 1919-1932, 1973 and n. d. Papers dating from Mr. Conrader’s time at Jarecki Manufacturing Co., R. Conrader Co., and beyond the time of his death include: production charts 1915, 1925, 1982 and n. d.; financial papers, 1913-1933; papers relating to Annandale Coal Co. 1919-1934; Bureau of Mines publication list 1921; letters to W. N. Seitz 1924; brochures and ads; and a few personal papers of R. Conrader and his wife, Sophia, 1929. span dates: 1889-1982. Donated by John Moser. 4h, 1 flat h. ECHS 81. GUIDE FILE available.

Corry Hide and Fur Company Collection 

This family business began as a tallow rendering plant in Corry, PA, founded by Meyer and Jacob Berliner in 1867.  In 1895 it became a mail order business called Corry Hide and Fur Co. which traded nationally and globally.  The Berliners bought and sold leather, hides, skins, wool, tallow, beeswax, etc.  The name changed to Berliner Co. c. 1915 and the company closed in 1924.  The collection consists of letters to Corry Hide and Fur Co. from  A. D. Chariatis, a Russian buyer.  span dates:  March 1913-Jan. 1914.  Donated by:  Helen R. Andrews.  17 items.  ECHS Archives v/f. GUIDE FILE available.

Crail Family Research Collection

The Crail Family Research Collection consists of many primary documents from the Best and Cotter families of Springfield township, Erie County, PA Kratzke family of Girard, PA and the  Hahn, Litzel/Thompson and Otto/Shaketon families  of  Erie, PA .  Material includes a letter from J. Best of the 83rd Regiment in 1862 to his family, a property inventory  and  the last will and testament of Lucy Neely,  an oil lease and deeds and mortgages on land belonging to Henry Best.  There is information on the “Home Tavern”  and the “Pig and Whistle Inn” in Springfield township,  and  a West 8th St.  property in Erie, PA. Naturalization papers and teaching certificates for Herman Cotter are available to  researchers. There are death certificates for Adolph and Eda I. Hahn, a birth certificate,  marriage certificate and funeral information on Eda I. Kratzke, and Amelia L. Kratzke’s  death certificate .  Researchers will also find a birth certificate for Louisa May Litzel and a marriage certificate for May Shakelton and Moses T. Otto. Cemetery records for family members  buried in Girard, Springfield, Wintergreen Gorge and the Erie Cemetery can be found in this collection. span dates: 1862-1990.  1h. ECHS 413. GUIDE FILE available.

Crawford County Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR) Records

The collection consists of seven notebooks of research, correspondence, newspaper clippings of births, marriages and deaths in Crawford County, PA.   Collection includes extensive genealogical information collected  by Mrs. Glen Griffis to support her induction into the DAR. There are five volumes of heavily detailed family research  including: dates of birth/death, spouse, children, place of residence, occupation, veteran status, immigration notes, and copies of family documents. Research was completed 1955-1962. The second part of the collection includes Bessie Anderson McQuillen’s notebook on her family’s genealogy beginning with Benjamin  Hall of Winsor, CT. Research was completed in 1932. The final volume is a listing of Crawford County historical families and an extensive table of the royal families of Europe.  span dates: 1932, 1955-1962. Donated by Mercyhurst College Archives. 1 reel microfilm.  MC34.

Hermann J. Curtze Collection

Hermann Jerome Curtze was born in Erie to parents of German descent. In 1867 he moved to Germany to study law. This collection documents his education at Leipzig and Heidelberg Universities. There are two certificates for the study of law, a semester calendar and course plan book for Ruprecht-Carolinisch University of Heidelberg and another plan book for the University of Leipzig. A certificate received when H. J. Curtze was sworn in and admitted to the bar, permitting him to practice as an attorney and Counsel of the PA Supreme Court completes the collection. span dates: 1870-1898. Donated by Mercyhurst College Archives. 1h+ 2 oversize ff. MC95. GUIDE FILE available.

Custom House Records, Presque Isle District, Erie, PA

This microfilm collection includes records of vessel entrances and clearances at the Port of Presque Isle, span dates: 1805-1814, 1826-1829; a fee book, span dates: 1806-1812; accounts current, span dates: 1805-1815 and abstracts of tonnage duties, span dates: 1801-1815. There are letters to Thomas Forster from Daniel Dobbins and other captains of the “Benjamin Rush”, span dates: 1829-1831, and letters to the U. S. Secretary Treasurer from Thomas Forster, 1828-1829.  Financial records include estimates of funds required for the use of the “Benjamin Rush”, 1830-1831, an Impost Book F with manifests of cargoes of vessels, span dates: 1827-1830, Income Book Two, 1839-1841 and a ledger, 1844. span dates: 1800-1844. Purchased from the National Archives. Donated by Mercyhurst College Archives. 2 reels microfilm. MC127. GUIDE FILE available.

Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR) Genealogical Records

Waterford, PA

The collection consists of records compiled by the Fort LeBoeuf Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution. Individual records include names, dates,  spouse/children, birth/death dates, occupation,and veteran status. Cemetery records include lists of individuals in Waterford cemeteries and cemeteries in McKean, East Springfield and Crawford Co. Individuals mentioned include Lt. Col. Matthew Smith, and William Boyd.  In addition to individual records and cemetery records there is a narrative of the Sherman family and information on the Erskine, Platts and Strong families.  Information was compiled 1926-1928. Donated by Mercyhurst College Archives. 1 reel microfilm. MC15.  GUIDE FILE available.

Daughters of the American Union Collection

The Elizabeth Strong Vincent Tent #17, Erie, PA was chartered Aug. 17, 1919 under the National Alliance of the Daughters of Veterans, incorporated in Ohio on December 12, 1885.  The women were known as Daughters of Union Veterans or Daughters of the American Union.  They were also associated with the G.A.R. Strong Vincent Post #67.  Strong Vincent Post papers (1867-1910) in the collection include minute books, roster of membership, newspaper clippings re: G.A.R. activities, stickers listing officer nominees, a list of officers 1894, song lyrics and Post #67 Charter, Jan. 29, 1885.  Elizabeth Strong Vincent Tent papers (1919-1961) include records of dues paid and other funds received and paid out, minute books, applications for membership, membership book, a rolled banner and a copy of the Tent #17 Charter, Aug. 17, 1919.  The collection also includes a Lincoln-Johnson election poster.  span dates:  1867-1961.  Donated by Mrs. Olive DePlatchett and Mercyhurst College Archives.  2h, 2 o-s ff, 1 rolled banner.  MC60.  GUIDE FILE available.

David Family Collection

This collection contains volumes  I, IV and V of the David Family scrapbook by Bruce William David. The books include histories of related families including the Bolles,  Munger,  Scowden,  Willson,  Grubb and Johns families.  There are family charts and diagrams, historical sources, poems, letters , stone inscriptions and images.  Volumes IV and V focus on the genealogy of Owen David, patriarch of the David family. The collection also includes the 1865 Atlas of Erie County which shows street names and major landmarks. Township and borough divisions show street names, farms, homes and businesses in Erie County.  Major businesses are listed, along with the business owners.  span dates:  1865; 1958-1964. Donated by Mercyhurst College Archives. 1 reel  microfilm. MC 65.

Demuling Family Collection

This collection consists of books and booklets. There are four Readers prepared by Rev. Richard Gilmour, published by Benziger Brothers of New York, 1886, 1891, 1894 and 1898. All four books were used by the Demuling children. The most interesting documentation is Clara Demuling’s booklet From the Family Album and Plucked from the Strings of Memory, published in 1988 and Marvintown: A Glance Back compiled by St. John’s school students of Sister Virginia Ann Gardner’s eighth grade English class in 1974. Members of the Demuling family were interviewed by the students. Two standard local history sources–The Erie Story Album by Claire Swisher in 1976 and Landmarks of Old Erieland by Security-Peoples Trust Company complete the collection.  span dates: 1886-1898, 1974-1988 and n. d. Donated by Mercyhurst College Archives. 2h. MC323. GUIDE FILE available.

Dickson (John) Family Collection

The collection consists of letters about the Dickson family and its business. There is a letter from Susan Dickson concerning a widow’s pension for officers of the War of 1812 (1859). A second letter is from attorneys Wm. Van Marter & Co. regarding a bounty land warrant (1868). A third letter, to John Dickson, from “Aunt Jane” concerns her thoughts on Lincoln’s assassination and Booth’s punishment (1864). There is a photo of Jane Dickson, the family matriarch, and a document pertaining to the military academy in Erie (1840). John Dickson’s account book records the poor tax assessment for 1826 and home medical remedies. span dates: 1821-1868. Donated by Spafford Becker. 1 h. MC2. GUIDE FILE available.

Samuel I. Diehl Collection

This collection consists primarily of handwritten sheet music arrangements by Samuel I. Diehl. In addition there are a few items of correspondence from family and friends, school yearbooks, and other personal items. An Erie native, Samuel Diehl organized a band at Central High School called the Red and Black Melody Boys in c. 1924. He graduated from Yale University where he met Rudy Vallee and became his arranger following graduation. He also arranged for Vincent Lopez in New York City during the 1920s-1930s. When Vallee moved to California in 1943, Samuel Diehl went with him. In the late 1940s Diehl returned to Erie. By the 1950s Diehl was involved in the LaNuova Aurora Club. Samuel I. Diehl died in 1978. span dates: 1920-1978. Donated by Fannie Moorhead. 1H.  ECHS 119.

Eleventh Regiment Roll Collection

This collection includes a publication called “The Soldiers Memorial for Company L, Pennsylvania Cavalry,”  August 1863, listing the officers, field staff and privates, engagements, the wounded and the dead. The Muster-Out Roll of Capt. John Sample is also on the film. The roll includes names, rank, dates, location and duration of service and who enlisted them. In addition the roll reveals dates and location of the soldiers mustered out, date of final payment and amount spent for clothing. span dates: 1861-1863. Donated by Mercyhurst College Archives. The collection contains six frames on one reel of microfilm.  MC182.  GUIDE FILE available.

Erie Brewing Company Collection

 This microfilmed collection contains the company’s charter, certificate of Incorporation and by-laws.  The records include information on the election of the Board of Directors over time, and  election vote tallies. There are minutes of the Directors’ meetings of the Erie Brewing Company, beginning in 1899. Contents include the resolution to secure a million dollar bond to purchase the businesses of Fred Koehler & Co., C. M. Conrad, Jackson Koehler, and the Cascade Brewing Company to complete the consolidation into one company—the Erie Brewing Company. There are property purchases, brewery improvements, information on survival strategies during the prohibition era, wage increases,  major purchases, the death of one Director and the subsequent election of a new Director, and renewal of liquor licenses.  Minutes of the Stockholders’ meetings are also available. There are records of the number of shares held by stockholders and amendments to the by-laws. span dates: 1899-1951. 1 reel  negative microfilm. Quality is highly varied. MC103.  GUIDE FILE available.

Erie Brewing Company, Inc. Collection

Koehler Brewery/Erie Brewing Company, Inc. Collection. This extensive collection includes thorough documentation of the business and corporation. By-laws, Board meeting minutes, Stockholders’ certificates and meeting minutes, advertising including clippings, public service announcements, correspondence from ad agencies, and scrapbooks; prohibition era regarding Erie Dry Ice Company, and brownie soda production; community activities including Koehler Polar Bears at the Erie Zoo, scholarships, workers’ newsletter “Koehler Comments”, production records, recipes, beer surveys, and studies, correspondence regarding the merger with Schmidt, liquidation correspondence and appraisals, legal papers including leases, trademark correspondence, chain of title for land, financial reports, cashbooks and correspondence, photographs of all aspects of the business, distribution information, 1978-81, company stock certificates, span dates: 1958-1978. Trademark registrations for Koehler labels and beers, and listing of the Erie Brewing Company assets, deeds, leases, property descriptions, litigation, C. Schmidt & Son charter and by-laws. span dates: 1949-1978; a list of job injuries at the Erie Brewing Company, 1967-1978. Documents from related companies Imperial Petroleum Products Corp. and Clover Leaf Mining Co. are included. Donated by J. Martin Magenau, Jr. 9h 24H 30 vol. ECHS 56.

Erie City Iron Works Collection

The Erie City Iron Works was bought by Zurn Industries, Inc. in 1966. The collection contains histories of the company, span dates: 1935-1977. Collection includes manuscripts regarding the Erie City Iron Works’ Centennial and histories from Tom Sterrett. Additional items from the collection include advertisements, a facsimile of a catalog including steam engines, boilers, and circular saw mills, c. 1900. Erie City Iron Works Collection also contains an article by Henry Ford, II, correspondence relating to the Erie City Iron Works Centennial, and research from standard sources in preparation for the 100 year celebration. span dates: 1935-1977.  1 h.  ECHS 399.  GUIDE FILE available.

Erie Club Collection

 Originally located in the former residence of the Hon. John H. Walker on 7th St., the Erie Club was incorporated January 10, 1882 and moved to its present location at the Charles M. Reed mansion, 6th & Peach Street in 1904. The collection consists of Erie Club charters, by-laws, lists of officers and committees 1929, 1964, and a membership list dated Jan. 1965.  Personal information gathered about City Council and School Board members furnishes details about occupation, nationality, religion, land assessment, political leanings and social economic notability. Census statistics gathered (1880-1967) provide details about Erie’s population and interesting comparisons with other cities during a variety of time periods.  Other records include lists of death certificates 1911-1963 (copied 1968); lists of social-economic notables in Erie; an assessment roll of taxable properties 1936-1939; PA Industrial Directory of Products of Erie County 1968; and a bibliography of resources. span dates: 1900-1968. A copy of the book Men Who Made Erie published by the Erie Daily Times, 10th Anniversary, April 1898 is included. span dates: 1890-1970. Donated by Dr. William Garvey, Mercyhurst College Archives. 1h + 1 o-s ff and 1 bound volume. MC97. GUIDE FILE available.

Erie County, PA Co-operative Extension Office Collection

The Erie County, PA Co-operative Extension was first introduced in Erie County in 1914. The Association works in co-operation with the Co-operative Extension Service of the Pennsylvania State University and the U. S. Department of Agriculture. Together these groups offer education in agriculture, family living, youth development (4 H clubs), community development and public affairs. The collection contains annual reports, minutes and correspondence of the Erie County Agricultural and Home Economics Extension Association. There are also pamphlets, programs, photos and newspaper clippings. span dates: 1921-1976.  Donated by Mercyhurst College Archives. 4 h, 2 o. s. folders.  MC187.  GUIDE FILE available.

Erie County, PA Emergency Relief Board Papers

Collection consists of records of the Made Work Committee and the 9th Street Community Market.  There is correspondence, primarily letters to and from Ross Pier Wright, Chairman of the Erie County Emergency Relief Board, reports, minutes, financial records, lists of workers, lists of food ordered and distributed, government documents and pamphlets.  A series of unemployment and commissary protests in the form of flyers, petitions and letters of demand provide information on the views of some of the workers to round out the collection, span dates:  1928-1935. Donated by John Wright.  ECHS 130. Addition.  GUIDE FILE available.

Erie County, PA Government Study Commission Collection

The Erie County Government Study Commission set out to investigate the possibility of a Home Rule Charter form of government for Erie County, PA. The proposed Home Rule Charter would eliminate the County Commissioner system, creating a chief County Executive and seven representatives in its place. The collection includes pamphlets describing the Home Rule charter, mailing lists, surveys, correspondence and posters from the “Vote Yes” Committee. span dates: 1972-1976. Donated by Mercyhurst College Archives.  2H. MC200 (also in ECHS 93). GUIDE FILE available.

Erie County, PA Highways Department Records Collection 

This collection is composed of files of the County Engineers, notably William H. Supplee, span dates: 1928-1968. There are many letters, resolutions by the County Commissioners, photographs, span dates: c. 1930-c. 1940, blueprints of many road projects, maps, deeds, petitions, specifications for building the tuberculosis (TB) hospital and various roads, estimates and legal opinions. There is correspondence claiming damage caused by road construction, ie. water damage or the inability to access one’s property because of poor construction of ditches. A large segment of the correspondence is between the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission and residents. Files are arranged by route number and application numbers. Other documents contain information on decisions regarding traffic light placement, property appraisals and WPA-related projects including work on the Erie railroads, the Erie County Airport and the Erie County home. span dates: 1930-1965.  Donated by Mercyhurst College Archives. 38h+1 flat box+25 oversize ff.  Oversize ff are not available at this time. MC180. Extensive GUIDE FILE available.

Erie Engineering Societies Council Collection

This collection is made up of copies of The Integrator, the journal of the Erie Engineering Societies Council.  The journal comprises news from the Engineering Society,  American Chemical Society, Society for Quality Control, Erie Chapter of Professional Engineers and the American Welding Society.  Articles include news on advances in the field, information on conferences and lecture series,  research being conducted by members, and a list of meetings and activities for the month.  There are also newsletters from local engineering and industrial organizations including Lord Corporation’s  Lord Vibrational Control Bulletin (1945),  Erie Resistor’s  Upstairs and Down (1945-1950), the monthly publication of the Erie Engineering Societies Council’s The Integrator (1951-1953), Eriez Manufacturing Co.’s  The Eriez Signal (1947-1949), and Standard Stoker Company’s The Stoker  (1944-1946). The newsletters include company news, employee news, information on wartime activities, safety articles, social news and financial news. span dates:  1944-1970. Donated by Mercyhurst  College Archives.  2 reels microfilm. MC 46. Note: Quality of microfilm is variable. GUIDE FILE available.

Erie Fish Company Accounts, Erie, PA

This collection consists of four typed operation summaries and one journal of the Erie Fish Company which was  operated by John H. Wilson (1879-1964) from 1923-1960. The journal contains a detailed daily fish intake record from Nov. 3 to Dec. 15, 1923. This record lists the quality and type of fish, and the name of the boats that brought them in. There are inventories of office furnishings and fish house equipment, including salt, pails, nets and lines. span dates: 1923-1960. Donated by Mercyhurst College Archives. 1h. MC237. GUIDE FILE available.

Erie Mayors Photograph Collection

  The collection consists of photographs of four City of Erie mayors: Robert J. Saltsman 1896-1898; Michael Liebel, Jr. 1906-1912; William J. Stern 1912-1916; and Miles B. Kitts 1916-1924. span dates: 1896-1924. Donated by Mercyhurst College Archives. 1 thin h. MC134. GUIDE FILE available.

Erie Oil Company Records Collection

This reel consists of correspondence, requests for price quotes, orders for different types of oil, notices of freight delivered, and bank receipts for Erie Oil Company, manufacturers of lubricating and illuminating oils at 15th & Myrtle Streets.  Correspondence was primarily from customers of the Erie Oil Company, including: Acme Mills, Pavillion Salt Company, Union City Chair Company, Cleveland Sample Case Company and Girard Wrench Manufacturing  Company. The remainder of correspondence is from the company’s suppliers including the Erie Pail Factory and Mercer Coal Company. Erie Oil Company produced engine oil, lamp oil, kerosene, cylinder oil, napthy, headlight oil, neatsfoot oil and marine engine oil.  span dates: 1890-1901. Donated by Mercyhurst College Archives. 1 reel  microfilm.  MC1.

Erie Social Hygiene Association Papers

Collection consists of minutes of Committee of Sixteen.  span dates:1922-1925, and constitution and bylaws of Erie Social Hygiene Association, summaries and minutes of meetings, span dates:1926-1946.  The purpose of the association was to acquire and diffuse knowledge on the established principles and practices and of any new methods which promote, or give assurance of promoting social health, and rehabilitation of girls beginning a life of prostitution, and socially adjusting the unmarried mother and her child. This collection documents the activities of Ross Pier Wright in the Committee of Sixteen and the Erie Social Hygiene Association. span dates: 1922-1946. Donated by John Wright.  1h+1thin h. ECHS 127. GUIDE FILE available.

Erie Spotlight Theatrical Magazine

The Erie Spotlight was Northwestern Pennsylvania’s only theatrical digest and amusement guide, published during the 1930s. The original magazine included a boldly illustrated collection of theatrical articles, portraits, advertisements, letters to the editor and gossip columns. There is only one issue for July 25, 1936. Recently The Spotlight has been revived as an on-line magazine.  Donated by Mercyhurst College Archives.  1 ff. MC122. GUIDE FILE available.

Erie Yacht Club Collection

This extensive collection includes the Club’s constitution and by-laws; minute books; annual reports; house and grounds budgets; annual statements; correspondence; scrapbooks; Women’s Auxiliary minutes, clippings, financial records; Junior Sailing; deeds and documents; information on Erie community relationships; subject information on house renovations and additions, flags and locations, sailing regattas, Avalon Yacht Club, Commodore’s Ball, and other parties; Centennial celebration, including the time capsule; publications including the Pilot, Flashlight, Rudder and The Log, span dates: 1896-1987; photograph albums; 35mm. slides; film reels and framed items. Donated by the Erie Yacht Club. 25h+ ECHS 202. GUIDE FILE available.

Erie Yacht Club Collection

A companion collection of the Erie Yacht Club, documenting the history and activities of the club, and scrapbooks, pamphlets, rules and regulations for the club, brochures, newspaper clippings, yearbooks, calendars documenting the history and activities of the Erie Yacht Club,  and copies of The Log, 1972-75 appear on microfilm. span dates: 1885-1972. Donated by Mercyhurst College Archives. 1h+ 1 reel microfilm. MC44.

Ethnic Impressions: A Photo Document of Erie’s Ethnic Communities, Erie, PA

 The Ethnic Impressions documentation project originated as an Erie County C. E. T. A. Special Project in Dec. 1977, extended through Dec. 1978. The goal of the project was to visually preserve the ethnic culture of Erie, Pennsylvania. “Culture” was defined flexibly and functionally within the following areas:
1. Religious (church, religious festivities, etc.)    2. Social (clubs, picnics, bars, dances, etc.) 3.   Home life (people in their homes)   4. Work (ethnic people in their occupations, especially if their businesses were ethnic in nature ie. Italian Restaurant)   5. Neighborhoods (landmarks, street scenes, commercial businesses, people on their porches or in their yards, etc.). The criteria for selection of the final portfolio images were: ethnic population size, vitality as visual images and quality of the black and white photographs. The ethnic groups studied were African-Americans, Italians, Polish, Greeks, Germans, Irish, Ukranians, Swedish, Jewish, Hispanics, Russians, and Hungarians, Arabs, Vietnamese, Egyptians and Indians. Dr. William P. Garvey, an Erie political historian, acted as Advisor for the group. The project photographers met with Dr. Garvey on a monthly basis. Five photographers worked on the project: Project Co-ordinator Marta Peluso, Gary Cardot, James Lee, Kathy Merski and Thomas Volpe. Gary Cardot and Marta Peluso photographed Erie’s Ethnic groups for the entire year. The rest of the group worked on assignments of a shorter duration. In addition the group taught photography classes and worked at the Martin Luther King Center, 319 Chestnut Street, Erie, PA.   Contact sheets include contact prints of 4,840 35mm. images. The 35mm negatives have been retained by the photographers. The portfolios contain 86 black and white prints. Programs from social events, and xeroxed newspaper and magazine articles regarding the project complete the collection. span dates: Dec. 1977-Dec. 1978. Donated by Mercyhurst College Archives. 6 black portfolio boxes and 1h. MC245. GUIDE FILE available.

Fairview School District Parents Advisory Committee Letters

This collection includes the minutes of two meetings of the Fairview School District Citizens Advisory Council, by-laws and definitions, letters advising of the by-laws, two school newspapers containing relevant articles, blank education reports and correspondence concerning activities to be started. date: 1972. Donated by Mercyhurst College Archives. 1ff. MC116. GUIDE FILE available.      

John R. Falcone Collection

Collection of Korean War propaganda including leaflets, letters and translations from POW camp, Christmas cards from Chinese People’s Volunteers ( 1951), safe conduct passes.  A number of the pieces relate to discrimination issues against black soldiers in the U. S. span dates:  1951-1953.  ECHS  ARCHIVES v/f  “F”.

Daniel B. Foote Collection

This collection includes 106 original letters and transcriptions c.1986 and outline of their content. The letters were written by D. B. Foote (1841-1911) to his parents David and Rhoda Foote, his siblings, his grandfather Jabez, and various friends; letters to him from his parents, his brother George and his cousin Hattie. Early letters illuminate his time at Waterford Academy and life in the oil industry at Oil City and Petroleum City, 1853-1860. Many of the letters relate to his service in the 83rd Regiment of the PA Volunteer Infantry during the Civil War, 1861-1865. Topics of interest include: enlistment, Abraham Lincoln and George McClellan as presidential candidates and the election of 1864, Mr. Foote’s opinion of the war, rumors about the rebel cause, Lincoln’s assassination and the closing of the War. span dates: 1858-1865. 1 flat h., 1 binder. Donated in memory of Walter Nielsen by Esther Nielsen. Original letters are in poor condition due to fire damage. Due to the fragile condition of the original letters, extensive transcriptions are available. ECHS 242. GUIDE FILE available.

Fort Le Boeuf Records 

This collection consists of Quartermaster records for Fort LeBoeuf. Included are listings of new recruits, date of enlistment, company assignments,  supplies given, and date of service.  Names include: Patrick Ambrose, Major Butler,  James Haggerty, Robert Kean, and Matthew O’Bryan. The last few pages of the ledger present lists of merchandise bought, supplies stored, the amount of grain purchased and the “account of monies expended in purchases.”span dates:  1795-1817.  Donated by Mercyhurst College Archives. 1 reel microfilm.  The microfilm’s quality is highly variable and challenging to read.  MC9.  GUIDE FILE available.

General Electric Company, Inc. Collection

General Electric Company Collection. The first building of GE’s Erie plant was built in 1910. Ever since that time it has been an important part of Erie’s business community and economy. This collection provides insight into life at GE through company newsletters. It includes both individual issues and 47 bound volumes of General Electric Co. newsletters 1916-1988: The Coupler, 1916-July 1925; GE Work News, Aug. 1925-1970; This Week, 1971, 1980-1982; and The News, 1982-1985, 1988. Local #618 statement of intention to strike, 1983; GE advertisements; and information on its Learning and Communication Center complete the collection. 5H, 47 vol. ECHS 57. GUIDE FILE available.

Grimler Family Collection

 Joseph G. Grimler (1839-1906) was born in the city of Erie to Adam (1805-1879) and Magdalena (1815-1899) Grimler.  Joseph Grimler was a volunteer of the 83rd Regiment, Pennsylvania Infantry during the Civil War.  He was wounded in the Battle of the Wilderness in May 1864 and was one of the first officers of the Bates Post, no. 83, of the GAR, organized at Middleboro in 1880.  He was also elected High Constable and school director of Middleboro (McKean) in that same year.  The collection includes legal papers of Adam Grimler, including his will (1879, 1899); personal papers and artifacts of J.G. Grimler; letters from Joseph to his father, Adam Grimler and family (1862-1889); military papers of the 83th Regiment (1861-1864) and GAR Post #83 (1883-1891); and papers concerning real-estate in Florida and McKean, PA (1898-1924).  span dates:  1826, 1861-1924.  Donated by Helen R. Andrews and Carolyn I. Grimler Hamme. 2h. ECHS 47. GUIDE FILE available.

Griswold Patents, Official Gazettes of the U. S. Patent Office.

This collection contains patents held by Roger W. Griswold, John C. Hollands, Charles A. Massing, Bernard M. Fromknecht, John L. Schuldt, Carl R. Anderson and Frank J. Svoboda. Patents cover handles, grills, dampers, ovens, electric heaters,cooking stoves, a baking pan, a kettle, a waffle iron, a hair waver, molding handling apparatus, and pipe perforating devices. span dates: 1920-1940. Donated by Mercyhurst College Archives. 3h.  MC85. GUIDE FILE available.

Grubb Family Collection

John Grubb (1767 -1845) was one of the members of the militia who guarded Andrew Ellicott and his surveying party when they arrived in the Erie region in 1795. This extensive collection of family papers includes records which document John Grubb’s military career (Captain in 3rd Co., 7th Battalion in Lancaster, PA) 1792, an Orders book kept during the Whiskey Rebellion, 1794-1795 (28 p.). There is a Justice Docket, Erie Township, Allegheny County, 1797-1803 recording legal transactions and lands sold by the Pennsylvania Population Company in the Erie area to John Grubb, span dates:1795-1802 and a commission on becoming Justice of the Peace in 1801. There are cyphering books of Alicia Cooper (1770-1849), wife of John Grubb. Diaries and journals of daughters Delia (1806-1872) and Armfield Grubb (1801 -1867) reveal details of daily life in Millcreek township during the first half of the 19th century. Many other types of documents including financial and legal records, court dockets, and examinations of title, farm records, correspondence, books of poetry, genealogy charts and manuscripts appear in this comprehensive collection of an Erie County pioneer family. Donated by John C. Reed, Michael Reed and others. 8h.ECHS 20.  GUIDE FILE available.

Reed M. “Bud” Grunden Family Collection

The Grunden family lived at 960 West 8th St. and Southshore Drive in Erie, PA. The collection consists of family papers including correspondence, photographs, financial records, poetry and newspaper clippings listing engagements and weddings of Grunden family members. Agnes Freeman and Reed Grunden were Central High School graduates. A majority of the correspondence documents the relationship between Reed M. “Bud” Grunden and his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Charles P. Grunden, while Reed M. (Bud) Grunden was obtaining his training in art and advertising at the Artists’ League School in Pittsburgh. He worked for Standard Oil Co. following graduation.
Agnes Freeman was the music supervisor of Roosevelt High School. Agnes Ellen Freeman and Reed M. Grunden married August 25, 1933. This collection spans the stockmarket crash of 1929 and documents its effects on a particular Erie family. Family photographs from the Grunden and Freeman families, poetry, and art illustration work round out the collection. span dates: 1880-1964. Donated by Mark Tanenbaum.  3h+1H. ECHS 190.

Hammermill Paper Company, Inc. Collection

Collection includes information on the watermark process developed by E. Behrend, patent searches and copies, correspondence, agreements, and detectives’ reports, span dates: 1901-1922. There is an extensive segment of photographs of logging operations in Matane, Ontario. Seven bound volumes contain 156 newsletters of Hammermill Paper Co., Hammermill Bond, from1917-1930. There is a collection of German language technical journals on papermaking; Wahrspruche von Moritz Behrend (Wise Words of Moritz Behrend); account book of Hammermill Paper Company, Dec. 1913-Dec. 1916; yearly balance sheets, June 1900-Dec. 1912. The balance of the collection consists of bound volumes of correspondence, 1900-1911; information on stocks, 1899-1922; financial records, 1898-1951; sales, 1911-1912; production orders inventories and payroll, 1923-1945; and scrapbooks, including information on mill expansion, workers’ wages, proposed mergers, and conservation, 1948-1967; annual reports, stockholder notices, and financial reviews, span dates: c. 1960-1985.Donated by Hammermill Paper Co., Inc. 8h, 5H, flat stored volumes. ECHS Coll. 58. GUIDE FILE available.

Hammermill Paper Co. Logging Photographs Collection

 This collection of 17 photographs and 3 undated negatives reflects the logging process used by the Hammermill Paper Company, including the harvest of logs into piles, loading and towing logs by tractor and horse-drawn sleigh, launching logs into the Matane River in Canada, driving them down river to facilitate driving. One photograph and negative show three bears in a clearing by the woods. There are also xeroxes of Hammermill Bond paper advertisements, originally printed in the Saturday Evening Post. span dates: Oct. 1912, Jan. 1914, and n. d. Donated by Mrs. Joseph DiBuono, Mercyhurst College Archives. 1h. MC94.  GUIDE FILE available.

Hulbert Family Collection

 The Hulbert Family Collection consists of the Civil War letters of Egbert D. Hulbert, 83rd Regiment, Company K.      E. D. Hulbert enlisted August 1, 1861 and was discharged August 4, 1862. On August 20, 1862, his right leg was amputated. He was originally from Col. J. W. McLane’s Regiment., PA Volunteers. A list of men from Company K wounded or killed after May 5, 1864 is located in the supporting materials. The collection also includes letters to Egbert D. Hulbert from his wife Cordelia Codner Hulbert, letters from Frank Hobart, Dakota Territory, and additional family correspondence, accounts between Egbert D. Hulbert and his father, Egbert N. Hulbert, Cordelia Codner Hulbert’s widow’s certificate, an Erie Gazette Carriers’ address (1865), note and checks. span dates: Feb. 1862-1881. Donated by Anne L. Barone. 1h. ECHS 353. GUIDE FILE available.

Jarecki-Streuber Family Photo Collection

Collection consists of a total of 43 images including images of Inez Ormsby Jarecki and her husband Oscar Jarecki and two children. There are 30 photos of the daughter of Inez Ormsby Jarecki who lived in NYC and Washington, D. C., Lucy Lee Streuber and Bobby Streuber. A card to Aunt Claribel from Carol and a drawing by William von Dresser complete the collection.  A majority of the collection is undated.  1 large flat hollinger box including a purple and cream folio of family images. A majority of the collection is undated.  Donated by Eleanore Green Piel. ECHS 403. 1 large flat h. GUIDE FILE available.

Johnson, McGill & Willard Business Records

Three account ledgers cover the period from 1865 to 1874 for the business of Johnson, McGill and Willard Boots & Shoes of Waterford, PA. The ledgers contain information on the tanning and shoemaking business, current prices and market conditions. span dates: 1865-1874. Donated by Mercyhust College Archives.  2 reels microfilm. MC7. GUIDE FILE available.

Keeler Family Collection

The Keeler Family Collection contains Keeler family letters (1896-1903), the military papers of William C. Keeler (1863-1906) and ephemera including wedding and reunion and anniversary invitations (1869-1884) and calling cards (n. d.).  The collection is composed of letters to [William C.] Keeler, William C. Keeler military documents including a navy discharge and pension voucher, invitations to and from Keeler family including Mr. & Mrs. R. F. Keeler’s 20th anniversary, Keeler family receipts from Erie Undertaking Co., Clark’s College, and American Express Company, and six locks of hair [McKee, Melinda]. An undated poem on quilting and an undated poem on New England conclude the collection. span dates: 1861-1906.  1h ECHS 402.  GUIDE FILE available.

Kirschner Brothers Construction Company Papers

 The collection consists of business correspondence between Kirschner Brothers, contractors and builders, the architect, and subcontractors re: job specifications, plans, drawings, pricing.  Also included are letters to Kirschner Brothers from companies not awarded contracts.  Blueprints, estimate sheets along with applications to the W. P. A. for payments regarding work completed round out the collection.  Jobs include the Erie Airport, a grade school in Millcreek and Heard Memorial School in North East.  span dates: 1926-1944. Donated by Tom Hagen. 1H. ECHS 131.   

Kraus Family Collection

 The collection consists of memoriabilia of Clara and Elizabeth Kraus including dance invitations for dances at Cronins Dancing Academy, St. Maurice Armory Hall, Glenwood Hall, Heigel’s Hall, Walther’s Hall (Erie Cycle and Camera Club Ball), and wedding invitations to the wedding of Frieda Kern and George A. Friedrichs and Mae Alma Baumann and Henry Frederick Meyer; music programs at Park Opera House, New Park Opera House, Waldameer, the Majestic Theatre, and the Alpha Theatre House of Vaudeville. Cast lists, banquet programs, a driving score book from Reed Driving Park (1907), and a 2 page printing of advertisements promoting businesses on Parade St. and State St. concludes the collection. span dates: 1896, 1902-1911, 1932. Donated by Mercyhurst College Archives. 1h.  MC373. GUIDE FILE available.

Robert A. Krider Architecture Collection

A collection of 114 photographs and related dedication brochures documents the career of Architect Robert Krider, from his work at Meyers & Honson (1925-1947), Meyers & Krider (1947-1949), Meyers, Krider, Werle and Ellenberger (1949-c. 1959), to his own architectural firm (1959-1977); and a paper by Robert Krider on early Erie County architecture prepared in 1973. span dates: c. 1925-1973. Donated by Margaret (Peggy) Krider. 1h. ECHS 176. GUIDE FILE available.

Ida K. Kuck Collection

 Ida K. Kuck  (1903-1996) was born Dec. 3, 1903 in Brooklyn, N. Y. to Henry and Ida Elizabeth Kaiser Kuck.  She moved to Erie, PA in 1921 with her family.  She studied voice under Charles LeSueur. A dramatic soprano, she was a guest soloist at the Chautauqua Institute for many years. Ida Kuck sang at the Metropolitan Opera House, singing opera as well as sacred and secular songs. The collection documents her musical career through diaries and fragments, span dates: 1923-1947. There are telegrams providing information on travel, a radio audition and performances, 1930-1937. The bulk of the collection consists of letters to Ida K. Kuck, 1928-1947, correspondence between Ida K. Kuck and her sister Dorothy Kuck, 1956-1960, and letters to Dorothy Kuck,  1935-1953. Photographs of Ida K. Kuck, Henry Kuck, Charles LeSueur and others form another major group. Clippings and obituaries provide background information on the family. A concert program, publicity flyers, poems and cards complete the collection. span dates: 1923-1960. Donated by Caroline A. Cook. 1h. ECHS 181.  GUIDE FILE available.

Ida K. Kuck Collection Addition

Autograph book. span dates: 1925-1950. Donated by Alan and Kathy Hauser. 1 item filed with Ida K. Kuck Collection.  ECHS 181.

Lake Erie Presbytery Collection

The microfilm portion of the collection presents microfilmed records of the Westminster Presbytarian Church including books, span dates: 1859-April 1938 and sessions of the church, span dates: Jan. 1932-Sept. 1933. There are programs of the silver anniversary of the Church of the Covenant, Erie, PA, (Dec. 1955), information on Christian Church symbolism (1959) and a pamphlet titled “The Prebytery of Lake Erie: A Panorama,” edited by John Marsh (1978). span dates: 1859-1978. Donated by Mercyhurst College Archives. 1h + 4 reels of microfilm. MC256.  GUIDE FILE available.

James B. Landmesser Collection

 The collection consists of extensive photographic documentation of the Eagle Hotel.  Holdings include photographs, 4×5 negatives, contact sheets, reports on the historical structure, and news clippings of interviews conducted by Wilma Landmesser.  span dates:1977-1998. Donated in memory of James B. Landmesser by Mrs. Wilma Landmesser. 3 h. ECHS 214.  GUIDE FILE available.

League of Women Voters of Erie County, PA

The Erie Chapter of the League of Women Voters formed shortly after the 19th amendment of the Constitution was ratified, giving women the right to vote. A number of women who had worked as sufferagettes became charter members of the League. Helen Stone Schluraff, a business woman, became the first president. Mrs. Ross Pier Wright, Mrs. William Spencer, Joanna Connell, Jennie Cleveland, Jane Weir Pressly and Lavinia Nelson Clarke all joined the League and served for a number of years in various capacities. They believed the right to vote should be exercised properly and were committed to educating women on political issues. The collection contains a copy of the Constitution and by-laws, Board meeting minutes, correspondence, financial records, news releases, programs, publications, membership information, statements to Erie County Commissioners on issues. Papers of Lake Erie Basin Committee, Erie County Government Junior Study Group, Council of Women’s Organizations, Publications include Notes N Votes of Erie County LWV; Erie County League of Women Voters News Bulletin; Erie County Voter; Lake Erie Letters; Pennsylvania Voter, LWV of PA; Philadelphia Voter, LWV of Philadelphia; The National Voter, LWV of the U. S. and newspaper clippings complete the collection. span dates: 1920-1992. Donated by Mercyhurst College Archives. 8h, 1 flat box, 1 o-s ff.  MC247. GUIDE FILE available.

Litton Shipworks Collection, Erie Marine Division of Litton Industries

The collection contains blueprints of ship Hull 102, an article about giant ore carrier Stewart J. Cort and handbills documenting the attempt to unionize in 1972.  Donated by Mercyhurst College Archives. MC29. GUIDE FILE available.

Litton Shipyard Papers

This collection consists of correspondence, bids on construction and repairs, specifications, blueprints, documentation on company procedures and a business plan, employee records, management status reports, production completion reports relating to activity at the Litton Shipyard on Erie’s bayfront. Manufacturers’ catalogues conclude the collection. span dates: 1968-1974.  Donated by Robert Snyderwine.  1h + 6H. ECHS 85. GUIDE FILE available.

Long-Range Plan Update School District of the City of Erie, PA

Fourteen volumes contain the overview and committee reports for the update of the long range plan of the School District of the City of Erie. The nine sub-committees report on areas of community involvement, administrative personnel, student assessment, and educational quality assessment, equal educational opportunity, education programs, school facilities, financial and records management information. date: 1979. Donated by Mercyhurst College Archives. 6H. MC246.  GUIDE FILE available. 

Low Family Collection.

This collection consists of records of the Low family of Lowville, PA. The main part of the collection consists of a notebook held by Mrs. F. F. Fritz from her great-great-grandfather, Merrick Low. Mr. Low was the assessor for the Borough of South Erie. The notebook includes lot drawings, lot numbers, street names, names of lot owners, and lot valuations, span dates: 1860-1874. Mr. Low also made lists of cost estimates for the houses, mortgage payments, and he kept detailed lists of his expenses. He also collected news articles of the day. Another part of the collection includes the Low Family Reunion Program from one held in Chestnut Hill on July 8, 1865. There are also articles on members of the Low family including Garrett W. Low, Colonel J. B. Low, Merrick L. Low, Mrs. M. L. Low, and Mrs. Olive Low, Capt. Samuel Low, and Mrs. Samuel Low. span dates: 1860-1874.  Donated by Mercyhurst College Archives.  1 reel.  Quality of the microfilm is highly variable. MC 3.  GUIDE FILE available.   

Scott McClelland Family Collection

The collection consists of family papers of the Rossiter and McClelland families of Girard, PA. Two Rossiter family photo albums and many unframed images document the two families. A small segment of the photo collection provides Girard images of the Rossiter tannery, a Bessemer RR accident below the Battles property, and a street scene showing a parade in Girard.  Many identified family portraits including albumen carte de visites and tintypes can be found in the second photo album. A more recent image of Justice Walling (Scott McClelland’s mother’s grandfather) and Samuel Rossiter Jr. (his father’s uncle who was a judge) seated on the bench appears in box 1.  Family papers include family accounts (1815,1846,1859), the last will and testament of Joseph Pennypecker, Chester Co., PA (1852), a Guardian’s deed (1883) to Mary McClelland, family correspondence of Ella Rossiter, correspondence of cousins, letters and poems to various people including a love letter to Miss Jane Johnson from Joseph Conner (Dec. 28, 1854),  letters from Lindley Rossiter (1874, 1876), and letters from Lindley R. McClelland (1943). span dates: 1815-1943. Donated by Scott McClelland. 1h+2 flat h. ECHS 376. GUIDE FILE available.

David B. McCreary Collection

Mr. McCreary (1826-1906) was a lawyer in Erie, PA who served in the Wayne Guard, Erie Regiment and the 145th Regiment during the Civil War. There is personal material and records of Mr. McCreary’s legal, military and political careers. His law career, including his partnerships with J.B. Johnson (1853-1857) and Jonas Gunnison (1857-1861), and his military career, including participation in the Wayne Guard, Erie Regiment and 145th Regiment during the Civil War are covered in depth. Records from his service as school director in Erie (1860-1862), member of the Erie County Republican Committee (1870-1871), member of the PA House of Representatives (1865-1867, 1870-1871), as PA Adjutant General (1867-1870) and as PA Senator (c.1888-1892) appear in the collection. Financial records highlight his actions as treasurer of Park Presbyterian Church and Marine Hospital as well as guardian of Donald McCarty’s children (1853-1866). Personal papers and family correspondence complete the collection. span dates: 1826, 1837-1845. Donated by Helen Rilling Andrews. 13h. ECHS 62. GUIDE FILE available.

Tom and Anthony Maggio Collection

The Tom and Anthony Maggio collection includes documents, photographs, and advertisements. The collection contains Fairbairn family related documents, span dates: 1895-1943, including letters to Oscar, John, O.J. and Elizabeth Fairbairn. Legal and financial records including assessments, receipts, bank books, cancelled checks, and a vacancy clause from Transitional Fire Insurance are also presented. There are two marriage invitations and an announcement including the marriage of Sarah McKnight to William R. Beckman, Clara Elizabeth Cochrance to Dr. George Corson Burnley, and Joseph Johnston to Mary Woodruff (1891-1892) and letters to Will [Beckman] from Sarah [McKnight] and the correspondence of Ruth McLeod and James Hill (1911). Other items in the collection include two cyanotype photographs of the Baltimore & Ohio Railway, and of the Grand Trunk Western Railway and a White Star Line passenger list (1890). Thirty-five post card advertisements dating from 1887 to 1893, a “Birds and Blossoms Calendar” fan (1899), and five “Barber Lumber Co. Wholesalers of Pennsylvania” calendars (1912-1913) present advertising examples. Rosella J. Kitzer’s WWII era war ration booklet (1943) concludes the collection.  span dates: 1862-1943. 1h. ECHS 398. GUIDE FILE available.

Henry Mayer Sr. Collection

The collection consists of William L. Scott family material, including list of birthdays, and William L. Scott calling card; blue print of the West side of State Street between 9th and 12th Street; rental information on the Commerce, Mayer and Mercantile buildings, 1922-1925; tax assessment protest regarding the Commerce building, 1928; and information relating to the high school football career of Henry Mayer.  span dates:  c. 1916-1928, 1988-1989. Donated by Henry Mayer, Jr.  1h. ECHS 206. GUIDE FILE available.

Miles Family Collection

The collection documents the role played by the Miles Family in early settlement of Erie County, PA. The collection consists of correspondence between brothers Frederick and James Miles, and additional letters between William Miles and his sons. Correspondents also include Henry Watts, Frederick Watts, and William Miles. A majority of the content deals with the Erie Extension Canal and how it may be connected to the Ohio River. There are also articles of agreement concerning debts and the sale of land. A recent letter describes the Miles homestead accompanied with illustrations. The collection consists of 20 letters, 6 articles of agreement, 5 receipts, 1 bill and 2 deeds. span dates: 1796-1841, 1968. 1h. ECHS 373. GUIDE FILE available.

More Family Memorial Collection

The More collection consists of material from the More family of Wattsburg, PA and Chautauqua Co., N. Y. There are deeds and mortgages, More family correspondence, photos, a number of newspaper clippings and genealogy-related documents including the 1828 marriage certificate of Andrew More and Sarah A. Sillimore. span dates: 1828-1964. Donated by Mercyhurst College Archives. 1 reel positive microfilm, 2h + 5 o-s ff. MC104. GUIDE FILE available.

Mozdy Family Collection

The Mozdy collection documents the semi-professional boxing career of Leo Mozdy, span dates: c. 1916-1929, via a scrapbook filled with photographs, and newspaper clippings (many undated). It contains photographs of the tavern owned by Frank and Leo Mozdy, called the Mozdy Bar at 1405 Ash Street, Erie, PA. There are certificates, liquor permits, material relating to the Erie County Retail Beverage Dealers Association including programs, photographs, images of Mozdy’s Cafe at 601 East 14th Street and newspaper articles. A liquor license, a cigarette dealer’s permit, a soft drink dealer’s permit, health inspection certificate and special tax receipts conclude the collection. span dates: 1916-1961. Donated by Mercyhurst College Library. 1 reel positive microfilm. MC53. GUIDE FILE available. 

Nagle Steam Engine & Boiler Works Collection

The engine works companies of T.M. Nagle (1840-1916) span 1879-1942. This extensive collection includes 356 bound volumes of journals, financial records, price lists, customer lists, contracts, orders, shipping information, a ledger, receipts, machine records, time books and pay rolls. Correspondence regarding orders and quotes (1912-1935), telegrams (1925-1938), financial papers (1912-1941, n. d.), T.M. Nagle’s estate papers, catalog sheets, printing plates, casting numbers, and plans blueprints, and drawings for engines and parts are also included in the collection. Records prior to 1879 may be those of Erie City Iron Works. span dates:1853-1943, n.d. Donated by Tom Schiewe and Erie Castings. (ECHS). 46H and 365 bound volumes 2 bank boxes. ECHS 55. FINDING AID available.

Nicholson Family Collection

The Nicholson Family Collection documents the early history of one of Erie County’s pioneer families. The collection contains extensive genealogy information on the Nicholson and McKee families, including the Secretary’s book of the Nicholson & McKee Reunion commemorating the 100th anniversary of the arrival of both families in America, held at the Nicholson farm on Ridge Road in Millcreek August 10, 1883, an invitation to the event and photographs of reunion members. A chart and typescripts expand the story of family connections and activities. The rest of the collection is grouped around individual members of the family, their business activities and personal lives. John Nicholson and Andrew Nicholson ran the Nicholson Tavern on Ridge Road in Millcreek Township. Deeds, an account book from Waterford, PA (1820), expand the story. A railroad right-of-way granted to the Franklin Canal Company, a bearer bond from the Erie Canal Company, a facsimile canal boat invoice from the canal boat Ocean Queen for goods going to Squire Hall, Girard, PA and a share in the Erie and Waterford Plank Road Company, owned by Andrew Nicholson’s  father-in-law present a snapshot of transportation activities. Images in the collection show family members and the farm by local photographers F. Wm. Weber, Morand, Fred Pfaff and others. A large oil portrait of Mrs. John J. Swan (Eunice White) wife of John J. Swan, a pastel portrait of Eliza Brindle Nicholson (Mrs. Andrew)  and an engraving of Isabella Nicholson document women in the family. John Nicholson’s papers include a license renewal for a tavern in Fairview and, later, Millcreek,  and a damaged Currier lithograph with birth and death dates of John Nicholson.  An historical sketch of Andrew Nicholson, correspondence regarding other family members in Illinois, and a power of attorney for Andrew Nicholson’s wife Eliza Brindle Nicholson and a framed pastel of her complete his part of the collection.  George W. Nicholson’s papers include a series of diaries for 1870, 1874, 1879, and 1881 and farm accounts in West Millcreek. There is a wedding invitation for the wedding of Stella Butt and GW Nicholson, and marriage certificate of her parents Daniel  E. Butt and Ida E. McKee dated 1887. John E. Nicholson’s  papers  include business papers as a general dealer in milk, cream and farm produce and a condolence letter re: the death of his son John Nicholson in 1904. John Nicholson’s papers include an autograph book and letters when at school, including one to Nellie Nicholson right before his death from diabetes. Perry M. B. Nicholson ‘s school diploma, invitations to weddings and other social events and war ration books (1943) present additional information. Doris Nicholson’s papers include Nicholson House images and information on the National Register Nomination (1982) process. Other material documents her activities as a former Board Member, Curator at Erie County Historical Society and her relationship with Georgiana Read. A typescript on Nicholson Family textiles prepared by Georgiana Nicholson Ely (1987), daughter of Doris Nicholson, completes the collection.  Donated by Georgiana Nicholson Ely. 6h+8 framed items. ECHS 383. GUIDE FILE available.

Odin Stove Manufacturing Company/Republic Heater Collection

Odin Stove Manufacturing Company on 342 West 12th St., Erie, PA was established by C. H. Hoffstetter in 1893. Initially Odin Stove Manufacturing Company manufactured gas hot plates. It soon expanded its product line to include gas heaters, furnace burners, soldering furnaces, oil heaters,  and domestic cooking ranges, including the “Odin Beautyrange” . The company also established a modern foundry on the site of the former Erie Engine Company at West 13th and Walnut Streets. The foundry played an expanding role in manufacturing of other products including the Blackstone Washer, parts for the engines used by the American Locomotive Works and castings for the State Highway Department.  The owners of Odin Stove Manufacturing Company owned a number of patents involving design and construction of gas ranges and original ideas in the fabrication of these products.  In 1953 the Odin Stove Company was sold to Dearborn Stove Company of Dallas, Texas. They resold it to Republic Heater Corporation of California. in 1955. M. J. Stevens of Los Angeles, California bought Republic Heater in 1955 and also bought the Briggs Company of Warren, Michigan in 1966. Jim Walters Corporation of Tampa, Florida purchased both companies. Briggs Manufacturing Company changed its name to Panacon Corporation in 1970 and was acquired by the Celotex Corporation, a  subsidiary of the Jim Walter Corporation in 1972. Republic-Transcon Industries, Inc. had dissolved in 1966 leaving the assets with Briggs. The assets  remaining in 1974 were sold by Celotex to Bradford-White Corporation. Republic Heater closed the Erie facility in 1972 following an employee strike that lasted almost 2 months. The building was finally razed in 1987. There is extensive correspondence  between the  owners and buyers. invoices, blueprints, photos, reports on inventory,  orders  and sales performance, and catalogues of products.  The collection includes a large group of patents, the business records of Odin Stove Manufacturing Company,  span dates: 1893-1956 and Republic Heater,  span dates: 1957-1970. Donated by Sr. Mary Lawrence Franklin, Mercyhurst College Archives.  35h, 6 thin h, 3 big flat boxes, 1 small flat box. MC 41 & MC 42. Extensive FINDING AID available.

One Hundred Forty-Fifth Regiment Papers

Collection consists of enlistment papers of Erie County soldiers mustered into the 145th Regiment of PA Volunteer infantry in February 1864 under Lt. Col. David B. McCreary. Five letters to David B. McCreary are included in the collection along with Form B disbursements, span dates: Feb.-May 1864, and a muster roll and general order, both signed by D. B. McCreary as Adjutant General of PA in 1869. span dates: Feb.-May 1864, 1869. Donated by Helen Rilling Andrews. 1h.  ECHS 18. GUIDE FILE available.

John Thomas Raine Collection

John Thomas “Tom” Raine (1895-1970) was a farmer in Fairview, PA.  His parents Thomas Willam Raine (1851-1933), a lumberman, and Katherine Raine (1855-1944) also lived in Fairview. J. T.’s brother, J. W. “Joe” Raine was president of Raine Lumber and Coal Co. in Duo, West Virginia. The collection includes J. T. Raine’s papers: travel receipts, insurance policies for the Oriental Mill in Fairview; fruit and produce accounts, and bills and an H. J. Heinz Co. summary of the grower’s accounts; World War II gasoline and mileage rationing cards and stamps, tie inspection literature and reports and literature on Wigton Farms. There are financial papers, span dates: 1917-1927, and tax information for J. T., T. W. and Kate Raine and the Presbyterian Parsonage in Fairview, span dates: 1921-1969. There are letters to and from J. T., J. W. and T. W. Raine and with J. T.’s fraternity brothers and with the local and regional businesses. span dates: 1905-1969. Donated by Mercyhurst College Archives. 2h, 1 unboxed  account book. MC50.  GUIDE FILE available.

Oren Reed Family Papers

This collection documents the lives of four generations of the Reed family of McKean Township, Erie Co., PA. The family farm was located 3 miles southeast of Middleboro in McKean Township. Oren Reed taught school and farmed. He was County Auditor in 1852-55 and 1863-65. He was town Assessor in 1873-74. Known as a progressive farmer, Oren Reed was responsible for bringing Morgan horses to McKean Township. Otis Reed, his son, also was a teacher and farmer who taught school from 1858-1870. He was Clerk of McKean 1862-75. In 1880 he was a census enumerator, Tax Auditor 1878-81 and Assistant Assessor in 1882. A majority of the papers document the activities of Oren Reed (1808-1893), Otis Reed (1838-1920) and Oren Reed (1894-1985), son of Otis Reed. A few early documents provide a glimpse of the lives of Shubael Reed (1771-1844) and his wife Mehitable Hale Reed (1775-1834). Thirty letters document the activities and thoughts of women in the family, including a letter from Martha Campbell, letters to Julia M. Nye Reed (Mrs. Otis) (1859-1914), and letters to Sophia Reed, daughter of Julia Nye Reed from other women in the family, span dates: 1870-1924. Other records in the collection include farm accounts, broadsides, tax records, church records, school records, wills and other genealogy information on the family. Purchase. 6h. ECHS 6. GUIDE FILE available.

Register of Officers & Agents, Civil Military, and Naval

This register, published in 1816 by the Department of State was compiled at the request of Congress. It contains a list of all civil, military and naval personnel, thier pay and location. It also has names,force and location of all the ships and vessels belonging to the U. S., including military and naval history, governmental organization, and salaries. Donated by Mercyhurst College Archives. 1 reel microfilm.  MC13.  GUIDE FILE available.

Eleanor Ruth Collection

The Collection consists of scrapbooks, reports, photos of Lawrence Hotel (1950-75); downtown and eastside redevelopment in Erie in the 1960′s; property plot map books for areas throughout Erie County 1950-60; various Erie and Millcreek directories for 1950-1989. span dates: 1950-1989. Donated by Eleanor Ruth. 1h+1 shelf. ECHS 88. 

Sanford-Spencer Papers

The Sanford-Spencer Papers consist of two combined collections with three major collectors including Giles Sanford (1783-1866), Laura Sanford (1819-1907) and Frances L. Spencer (1838-1924). Giles Sanford was a merchant in business with Rufus S. Reed, owner of the Erie Canal Co., 1814-1824. Giles Sanford was a delegate to the Canal Convention in Harrisburg, PA which supported development of transportation routes in Pennsylvania. Frances L. Spencer was the daughter of Judah Colt Spencer (nephew of Judah Colt) and Livinia Stanley Sanford (1817-1886). Judah Colt, head agent of the Pennsylvania Population Company from 1792 through 1815, is well represented in the collection. Laura Sanford and her father, Giles Sanford collected primary documents on many important topics to support her research on the first substantial history of Erie County, PA, published in 1862. Eventually more source material was gathered, including interviews with nationally significant historians who sought Laura Sanford’s opinion of their research. George Bancroft, author of HISTORY OF THE UNITED STATES and Henry Schoolcraft, author of INDIAN TRIBES sent her letters. A revised edition of the HISTORY OF ERIE COUNTY was published in 1894 by Laura Sanford. span dates: c. 1780-1906. Donated by Henry A. Clark, Atty. and J. C. Spencer, Executor. 41h, 60 vol. ECHS 315. Extensive FINDING AID available.

William L. Scott Collection

William L. Scott  (1828-1891)  a well-known Democratic politician and Erie mayor in 1866 and 1871, came to Erie c.1840 under Charles M. Reed’s sponsorship.  He became involved in coal and shipping and later in railroad development.  This collection includes Scott family genealogy from the family Bible c.1843 and wills 1782, 1797, 1850, 1872; correspondence of Gustavus H. Scott, Robert W. Scott 1841-1861 and William L. Scott 1845-1850, as well as letters to Henry L. Scott c.1839-1853 and Mrs. William L. Scott 1891; and collected clippings, articles and issues of newspapers featuring the Scott family.  William L. Scott’s political career is represented in the collection by a broadside for the Erie Mayoral campaign against Orange Noble n. d., a subscription book for the National Democratic Committee Campaign including pledges for Grover Cleveland and Allen G. Thurman, and published speeches in political pamphlets and Congressional Record 1888.  Memorabilia from Mr. Scott’s funeral in 1891 completes the collection.  span dates:  1782, 1797, 1819-1902.  Donated by Mrs. Donald McElroy.  2h, 1 oversized box. ECHS 4.

Short Run Newspapers Collection

Collection of short run newspapers from Erie, PA. including Erie Advertiser: 1879-1889; The Erie Sunday Morning Post: 1902-1904; Sterrett’s Weekly: 1938-1939; Erie Morning Sun:1946; The Weekly Sun: 1931. span dates: 1879-1946. Donated by Mercyhurst College Archives. 6 reels positive microfilm. MC 80. GUIDE FILE available.

Shriners Hospital for Chiklren/Sunshine Valley Camp Collection

Sunshine Valley Camp, predecessor to Shriners’ Hospital in Erie, was started by Elizabeth Milne McCully in 1924 as a  summer camp for physically challenged children.  It was located on a farm in Girard and lasted until c. 1936.  Collection consists of the Report of the Experimental Year, summer 1924; sixty photographs of children; eleven photographs of the camp; and newspaper articles regarding the Shriners and the camp. span dates: 1924-1940.  Donated by Martha Cobbs.  1 flat box.  ECHS 296.

Sons of the American Revolution, Erie Branch Collection

Eleven notebooks of information have been compiled on individuals who were Revolutionary War patriots buried in Erie County. One copy of the unbound manuscript, maps and burial sites information are also included.  The project was completed as part of the Bicentennial. Donated by Dr. Robert L. Lasher, S. A. R.  3H. ECHS 169. GUIDE FILE available.

Caroline Strong Letters

Caroline Strong, the wife of Mayor Eli Strong of Waterford, PA received these letters between 1901-1903. Topics cover information on family history, travel, education, hobbies, the Venezuelan Conflict of the U. S. in 1901, poetry, intellectual history and local interests. span dates: 1901-1903. Donated by Mercyhurst College Archives. 1 reel microfilm. MC17.  GUIDE FILE available. 

Sturgeon Family Collection

This collection contains records related to the Sturgeon family of Erie County, Pennsylvania. There are seventy-eight letters exchanged between John Calvin Sturgeon of Bradford, PA and Eda W. Blakeslee of Du Quoin, Illinois, during the months leading up to their wedding which took place December 26,1878 and later as husband and wife in 1880-1881. In their affectionate correspondence, Sturgeon and Blakeslee continued their courtship through a number of romantic exchanges and plans for their wedding in DuQuoin, Illinois. The correspondents also shared news of family and friends, weather, holidays and travel, and exchanged reading recommendations and snippets of poetry. Both Sturgeon and Blakeslee were enthusiastic members of the Republican party and they described interactions with politicians in Pennsylvania and Illinois, including candidates for state and national offices, and also discussed the 1880 presidential election.  The collection also contains a diary sporadically maintained by Carson Jay Sturgeon, younger brother of John Calvin Sturgeon, span dates:1864-1881. The diary mainly served as a work log in which Carson recorded hours and payments for manual labor he performed. He occasionally described family news and social events, including picnics and ice skating parties. In addition, the collection includes a hand-written register that lists subscribers to the Erie Gazette, who held outstanding debts between May 1865 and November 1866. The register lists residents of Fairview, Girard, East Springfield, North Springfield, and West Springfield, including entertainer Dan Rice and Andrew Sturgeon, father of John Calvin and Carson Jay. Note: There are also two cassettes of Eda W. Blakeslee’s letters read by Kay Karle Sturgeon Calloway, and four cassettes of John Calvin Sturgeon’s letters read by Kay Karle Sturgeon Calloway. span dates: 1864-1881.  Donated by Mary C. Sturgeon. 3h including 6 cassettes. ECHS 188. GUIDE FILE available. 

John Szczutkowski Collection

The collection contains genealogies of Eagley and Henton families, receipt books of George Minnig store, papers relating to Harley Minnig’s  business and family, photos of John Minnig’s store, and the Erie Fair, a broadside of A. H. Caughey & Sons, Booksellers,  and a memory book containing correspondence.  Donated by John Szczutkowski. ECHS 77.

Tageblatt Newspaper Collection

The Tageblatt was published daily for the German-speaking community in the Erie area. It was printed using schrifft characters. The publication offers commentary on the concerns of German-Americans in the early 20th century. It also presents the immigrants’ views on the growing nationalism in Germany which culminated in World War I. The newspaper ceased publication shortly after the United States entered the war. span dates: Mar. 1899-June 1917. Donated by Mercyhurst College Library. 29 reels microfilm. MC36. GUIDE FILE available.

The Truth Newspaper

 The Truth, a weekly newspaper, was published in Erie, PA by the local branches of the Socialist Party, and was considered the official party organ of the Erie County Socialist Party. Local branches included Erie, Albion, Corry, Cranesville, East Springfield, Girard, Union City and Crawford County. The newspapers contain the local and national party policies, activities and editorials dealing with Socialism and the evals of Capitalism, and many related conceptial areas. span dates: 1913-1914, 1916-1922.  Donated by Mercyhurst College Archives.  2 reels positive . microfilm. MC24. GUIDE FILE available.

Twenty-one Potters Collection

The Twenty-one Potters group was founded in 1949, to encourage appreciation of pottery and provide encouragement among its members to create pottery in the Erie area. The collection includes by-laws and the constitution of the group, a list of presidents, 1949-1966, minutebooks, 1949-1977, financial records including a treasurer’s book, 1949-1977, bank records and cancelled checks. Of particular note is the series of president’s letters which includes the correspondence of John V. Alexick, span dates: Jan. 1952-Jan. 1969 and the correspondence of Alex Clemente, span dates: Sept. 1969-Sept. 1971. A scrapbook covers social activities of the group, Jan. 1950-June 1976. There is a summary of the first five years, from 1949-1954 and a photo from 1965 which shows the members. The group dissolved in 1977. span dates: 1949-1977.  Donated by Mercyhurst College Archives. 2h.  MC232. GUIDE FILE available.

Union City, PA Photograph Collection

Collection of  eleven photographs depicting businesses including the tannery below Main St.; Lincoln St.  view from Concord St.; R. Jones’  basket factory on Putman St.; Bennet House and Woods & Johnson early street view showing horses and sleighs; Union Mills at corner of Market and Main Streets; New York Millinery Store, Times office, and Corwin and Boyd store; Shreve Chair Co. after the 1913 fire; Clark’s Mills’ team and wagon in street; Union Coal and Supply Company, and H. W. Dowler’s horseshoeing establishment, exterior view, cars and horse team in front. Many images are by B. F. Jones, Union City. span dates: c. 1870-1923.  1 thin h. MC 108. GUIDE FILE available.

United Oil Company Collection

Gustave J. Gebhardt (1857-1943) founded the United Oil Company in 1908. Located on 14th and Walnut St., the company continued to be a family owned and operated manufacturer of oils, lubricants and gasoline throughout the 20th century. The collection encompasses administrative papers, company and industry histories, and industry reference books. Business records include financial records, correspondence, minute books, sales records, advertising materials and laboratory test books. A large number of photographs and negatives complete the collection. Images of employees, delivery trucks, bulk plants, service stations and pump locations, Gustave J. Gebhardt’s Coal & Coke Company and Gebhardt family members may be found in the collection. span dates: 1838, 1863-2000. Donated by Gordon J. Gebhardt. 16h, 4 flat h, 1 square h, 1 oversize volume. ECHS 193. Extensive FINDING AID available. 

Warfel Family Collection

The Warfel collection includes business agreements, bills and receipts. Some of the receipts are from the Philadelphia & Erie Railroad and the Union Line Express (1865, 1867). There is also a legal agreement between Martin Warfel and the Erie & Sunbury Railroad (1857). Government notices and bills are included regarding the Millcreek School, taxes (1868), and elections (1871, 1875). Photographs in the collection include the following Warfel family members: Anna Shenk Warfel, Grandmother Warfel, Jacob W. Warfel, and Phebie Burton Warfel and the homestead. There are also maps and a memorandum of agreement with the Pennsylvania Railroad Company concerning the transfer of land (1885). span dates: c. 1857-1909. Donated by William Humphrey Arbuckle, and Mercyhurst College Archives.  1h, 2 oversize ff.  MC86. GUIDE FILE available.

Wattsburg Area Collection

The records of John R. Smith, Justice of the Peace, and W. B. Smith, Postmaster, make up the bulk of the collection. A speech to the Keystone Car Club by Gordon Gebhardt provides background on how the papers were discovered. One volume records carpentry work completed by John Smith, 1830-1831. A second volume, kept by John R. Smith, records Wattsburg school taxes for 1842-1843. There are letters to John R. Smith, Justice, and weekly reports kept by W. B. Smith, Post Master of Wattsburg, c. 1830-1854. Additional materials include accounts, receipts, promissory notes and deeds. span dates: 1830-1865. Donated by Gordon Gebhardt. 2h, 1 large flat box. ECHS 192.

West County Newspapers Collection

The collection consists of six West County newspapers:
Two issues of the Erie County Enterprise (July 20, 1877 & Sept. 19, 1878); one issue of the Wellsburg Monthly Record (Oct. 1, 1879); 43 issues of the Albion Blizzard, span dates: July 1882-Sept. 1902; six issues of the Truth, Jan. 1899-Feb. 1900; one issue of Albion Semi-Weekly News (March 27, 1908); and two issues of the Albion Weekly (Jan. 12, 1911 and July 11, 1912). span dates: 1877-1912. Donated by Mercyhurst College Archives. 1 reel negative microfilm. MC211. GUIDE FILE available.

Woman’s Christian Temperance Union Collection

The WCTU collection contains records of the national, state and Erie County WCTU unions. Erie County records include a history of Erie’s WCTU, 1882-1982, clippings, photographs, minute books, 1900-1997; corresponding secretary’s books, 1902-1960; a roll book, 1941-1960, and financial records. Announcements, programs, directories and reports from county conventions, span dates:1899-1993, provide additional information. Pennsylvania WCTU records include two books on the history of the PA WCTU published in 1936 and 1976; photographs, post cards, state convention programs, 1883-1992, and annual reports, 1953-1994. Records of the National WCTU are composed of a biography of Frances W. Willard, 1898, song books, 1924-1974,  n. d. and national convention reports, 1964-1965, and 1973-1974. span dates: 1898-1997. Donated by Mrs. Ruby Kimball. 12h, 1H, 1 flat box. ECHS 286. GUIDE FILE available.

Works Progress Administration Typescripts Collection

The typescripts collection consists of newspaper articles, transcripts of articles, business letters and invoices. Pennsylvania’s first records survey began in 1933 and was funded by the Civic Works Administration. This project was a major predecessor of the Historical Records Survey of the Works Progress Administration which was eventually left to state and local sponsorship. Erie Gazette articles contain bibliographic information about Erie County government and courts, Indians, Presque Isle, Perry’s Fleet, the War of 1812 and general information about daily life in Erie, Crawford and Venango Counties. The collection also includes the transcribed papers of Colonel Henry Bouquet, Joseph Ellicott and Callahan, as well as letters and articles containing discussion of boundaries, Forts Le Boeuf, Venango, Machault and the history of Western Pennsylvania. Donated by Mercyhurst College Archives. 11h. MC190. GUIDE FILE available. 

Ross Pier Wright Collection

The Ross Pier Wright Collection consists of a pedigree chart and probate records of the Fiske family of Connecticut; patents to Frances L. and William Spencer and Lavina Spaulding (1905); deeds; Reed Manufacturing Co. price list (1967); annual reports of Northern PA Nut Growers’ Association, span dates:  1940-1956.  Donated in memory of Ross Pier Wright by Richard Wright. 1 hollinger shoe box.  ECHS  130.  GUIDE FILE available.

Zurn Industries, Inc.

Zurn Industries, Inc. bought Erie City Iron Works in 1966. The collection contains histories of the company and Zurn family, span dates: 1953-1998. There are books on the company by Everett F. Zurn and Frank W. Zurn and others. Other Zurn family information includes biographical sketches, span dates: 1961-1972, and a death announcement and obituary dated March 5, 1985 for Everett F. Zurn. The collection also contains photos of the Zurn family and the company’s factory functions.  span dates: 1953-1985.  Donated by Mercyhurst College Archives. ECHS 400. 1 h.  GUIDE FILE available.

Zurn Industries, Inc. Reports

Collection contains Zurn Industries, Inc. related material including catalogues, brochures, and annual reports.  span dates: 1977-1997. Donated by  Mercyhurst College Archives .  1 h.  ECHS 401.  GUIDE FILE available.

J.A. Zurn Manufacturing Co./Zurn Industries, Inc. & Hays Manufacturing Co..Coll.

This collection focuses on Zurn Industries Inc., businesses bought by Zurn Inc., and the career of the company founder, John A. Zurn (1874-1957). Forty-six scrapbooks record the history of Zurn Industries Inc. Much of the remaining collection records John Zurn’s activities in the business and the Erie community. Correspondence on John Zurn’s service as school director (1923), member of the German Baptist seminary financial committee (1927-1939), member of the YMCA board of directors (1928-1956), superintendent, vice president and president of the City Mission Board (1932-1956), member of the Salvation Army Advisory Board (1939-1956), member of the general council for the North American Baptist Seminary (1946-1950), associate and advisory board member of Behrend College (1948-1956), and jury commissioner (1953) is available for research. Business records, correspondence, literature, photographs and audio/visual media are divided into the following series: Zurn Media (1905-1964), J.A. Zurn Manufacturing Co. (1911-1956), Zurn Industries Inc. (1962-1971), Zurn photographs (1921-1967), clipping files (1928-1968), J.A. Zurn insurance, financial, religious, humanitarian, personal and real-estate papers (1920-1956), Zurn audio/visual (n.d.), and the Pat Liebel files (1967-1969). The collection also contains Hays Manufacturing Co. records including account books (1883-1922), photographs, prints, price information (1891-1920), catalogs, booklets, newsletters, and two scrapbooks (c. 1900-1905, 1967-1975). span dates: 1883-1971. Donated by: James A. Zurn. 7h, 1fl h, 10H, 3 o-s ff, 47 vol. scrapbooks, 1 vol. account book. ECHS 125. Extensive GUIDE FILE available.